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Adult Dance Camps 2009


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I am sure that many of you received an email from Heidi the other day with the dates for next summer's dance camps. If you haven't here they are:


June 14-20, 2009

August 2-8, 2009

August 16-22, 2009


I'm anxious to find out more about the extra camp in the Northeast, August 30 to Sept. 5, and where it might possibly be.


The other reason I started this thread is so that we can start discussing next summer's camps.

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Ooo! Cool!

I may not be able to make it again this next year due to $$ issues. But if "Northeast" would entail Toronto....I so would be able to. My inlaws live there. - Haha.


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Oh - I would LOVE one in Vermont! Richmond is too far for me to attend, something close to Vermont (even Massachusetts) would be wonderful - although I'm sure most people attending would rather visit Vermont than Massachusetts in late summer, early fall :D !

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There are many adult ballet dancers in Toronto. The camp would be more than welcome here!!!


(Also because I would save on travel and lodging :D )

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I am seriously doubtful that I will be able to go this year either.

I am trying not to get my hopes up yet.

A possible huge project would have to come in for the "family" business and it is very up in the air now and will be for a while. The paid work I was supposed to start last summer for the business didn't exactly work out. My husband decided paying me would screw up the family taxes for this year. We shall see about next year???

I get to earn equity and family good will. Oh Boy! That doesn't pay for the pointe shoes....

Well, I am in slippers for the foreseeable future and I'd better go get the Halloween ribbons off the things and elastics back on them before it is time to leave for class.

I expect the announcement of the Northeast location to be out shortly. The e-mail I got said this month anyway.

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Do you not drive dancepig? I live in Maine and have drove to Richmond and back each of the last four summers. From where I live to Richmond is about 760 miles one way.

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If you let it be known you are willing to carpool to richmond, I bet you could find someone to share expenses.


All the best!

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How exciting that we have now got the dates. I didn't hear anything directly from Heidi, so thanks for letting us know via this thread.


I am still intending to make it over to the US for one of the August camps, although I am encountering heightened resistance from hubby due to the extra costs involved now that the Australian dollar has plummeted against the US$ (I still can't work out why that should be so, mind you - all the pundits seem to suggest that the Australian economy is one of the stronger ones around...go figure!) :devil:


But I am desperate to get to Richmond at least once before I get too old! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I'll get there and be able to meet some of you.

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