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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any advice for new time pointe users. I just got mine a week ago, and I'm still breaking them in. I've tried doing a pique turn, but my knee bends. Does anyone know how to help staighten your legs?



Thanks :blink:

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Hello ILOVEBALLET101, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :blink:


Here is the thing...you are a brand new pointe student. You should not be doing ANYTHING on pointe except with your teacher and at the barre! I imagine you have not learned piqué yet. When you learn it, it's the same as doing it in flat shoes. You plié on your supporting leg and push off that leg to piqué onto a straight leg. Keeping the leg straight is a matter of using the plié from the other leg and moving your body weight forward over the piqué leg. You need to learn how to do that movement before you can expect to do it in pointe shoes.


You are too new to be working on your own at all. Doing things incorrectly only develops bad habits that are very hard to break. Wait for your teacher to teach you! :thumsup:

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I have a few more questions if that's okay. I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder, and my pediatrician said not to go to a chiropractor. Is there any other way to get rid of a pinched nerve? Also when I tendu my left foot usually cramps up. Does this mean I am pointing it too hard, or is it something else because it is just my left, not my right. :)

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I cannot answer the pinched nerve question, but as far as the foot cramping, that is usually because you are gripping the toes, or, pointing the foot without the energy from the body down through the leg. That would mean that you are overpointing the foot, and not using the leg muscles. It could also be that your shoes are too tight. :) Very hard to know without seeing you.

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