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Ballets: Garrett Ammon's Rock Ballet

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Ballets seem to be those things in life that you either have an intense love for—or you really feel tortured by going. I like to call it “the Opera effect.” Many spouses feel forced to attend a ballet—definitely the case for my husband the night I told him we were going to one. I assured him that the Garrett Ammon’s Rock Ballet at the Pinnacle Event Center would be a different kind of ballet, one he’d never seen before.


Check out the pictures we got from this amazing night! :lol:





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I do believe they are dancing in their underwear! :lol:


I find it amusing that a professional company dances in their underwear while many of us parents have spent hundreds of dollars on costumes for our kids. Go figure!

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Ballet Memphis also did a piece, choreographed by Ammon, where they undressed & ended up in underwear for their show at the Gibson Lounge in Memphis fall 2007. I enjoyed it but the underwear was distracting for me, since this was the first piece I had seen danced in underwear. I kept thinking would I be brave enough to dance in that?

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Just a reminder all, this is the links forum. This forum is the posting of links only. If you wish to discuss the information, you can create a thread in the Cross Talk section, and definitely look around, because most of the time the information that is being discussed in the links is already being discussed on the board. :)

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