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Lack of eye focus when dancing...


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Hi all :o,

I have had a problem in class for awhile, in which my eyes seem to be looking nowhere. My head and body are all placed correctly, and I do not mean I am my eyes are rotated toward the mirror or floor, or some other incorrect location. It really is that they are looking nowhere, my teacher says she can tell when it happens because they glaze and look unclear. Often I feel like I am looking the right place but my eyes just roll back in my head. Anyway my teacher said she thinks it is because I am involved with the movement and enjoying the dancing too much, to a point where I am lost in the feeling and my eyes are lost because I am in another ballet world. If I make a heavy effort to concentrate on where my eyeballs are I can usually get them to focus, but it takes a lot of thought. I used to think maybe my vision was poor, but I don't wear glasses or contacts or anything. Basically I was just wondering if anyone has heard of this strange technique problem before, or has any ideas. It is a bit unusual, and I was also wondering if there might be a way to get rid of it entirely, so I don't have to think so hard about focusing my pupils, of course maybe over time...

Thank you,

and I hope I was clear in explaining my weirdness.

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Well, a visit to the eye doc could rule out any eye muscle issues, but other than that, it's important to actually 'see' things when you dance. Corps work is all about that, so maybe if you thought about that as you're in class, and thought about relating to your "audience", perhaps that will help. :o

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