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Hi once again,

I am doing YAGP for the first time this year. My classical variation is Raymonda and I have been rehearsing that. After reading this board it seems it would be a good idea to enter the open division as well since it is required if good fortune brings one to New York. I was talking to my teacher/coach today, and asking her what she thought. She told me I should definitely do the open division. I was talking to her about what I should do for it, and she said I should choreograph something myself if that was allowed. I told her I thought it was and she said she would rehearse me in what I choreograph, but she said I was a good choreographer and could come up with something really nice. I do definitely have past choreographic experience and have choreographed pieces for performances on other students and on myself. Also, I have limited resources, because my parents are only willing to pay my basic monthly tuition and pointe shoe expenses. The rest is up to me (I have a part-time job).Hiring an outside choreographer would thus be a huge expense. I do feel capable of my abilities, and I have watched past open entries on youtube. What do you think of this? Is it at all a reasonable thing to do or a good idea? It wouldn't look amateur, I promise. Thank you for any and all thoughts!!

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I do believe that is quite acceptable in the contemporary variation, cutiepi. I would definitely have your teacher/coach rehearse you on it, though. :yes:

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