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Dance Class expenses?


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How much do you pay for your ballet and other dance classes? Where I am currenlty taking ballet class, tuition is $150 due in September, December and March and guarantees 28 75 minute classes during the academic year. So thats a total of $450. Its a stand-alone building built on the outskirts of our capital city about 3 or 4 years ago, there are 3 studios in the facility. Last year I was driving to Portland, about a 150 mile round trip for class, and would pay $90 for a 8 class card, each class 90 minutes. Before that I was taking classes at Bossov Ballet Theatre for $32 a month, with an hour to 75 minute class per week. The studio where I'm attending now is only about 20 miles.

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Prices vary between 20-12 dollars north of NYC. I take a stretching class that is really helpful, but runs about 30 dollars a class.


I know classes are expensive, but the quality of the class and teacher is more important than the cost, IMHO.


All the best!

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Rates at San Francisco Dance Center (Lines)


4 class discount = $48 ($12 per class)

8 class discount = $88 ($11 per class)

12 class discount = $120 ($10 per class)

16 class discount = $152 ($9.50 per class)

20 class discount = $180 ($9.00 per class)


Drop-in is $13 and professional rate is $11


For me, pointe shoes become a big "expense" this time of year. The pay I get from Nutcracker basically just covers the shoe cost :)

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I pay anywhere between $0-14/class. There are studios nearby that charge as little as $10/class, or as much as $18. All classes are 90 minutes.


The Bossov price you quote is extremely low.


I've found that closed enrollment classes often cost more per hour than open adult classes at the same studio.


It looks like you're paying $12.80/hr, which is more like $19/90-minute class. But you have to factor in transportation --- time and gas and mileage --- as part of the class as well. With transportation factored in, Portland is your most expensive option.

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I pay $242 a month for unlimited classes - if you take over 6 hours of classes (of any and all sorts, not just one style) a month, it's a better deal to pay the unlimited fee. It works out to about $15 an hour for me overall. I currently take exactly 6 hours but will be upping it to 9 or so before Richmond.

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butterflyprincess, this is the Adult Students Buddy Board, not the Young Dancers'. Please don't post here. If you like this topic, start a thread about it on the YD Buddy Board.




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Three studios:


1) One quarter = 9 classes, 90 minutes, $118


2) 20 class card, 90 minutes, $230 (valid 6 months) drop-in $14


3) 4 class card, 90 minutes, $40 (valid 4 weeks) drop-in $12

n.b. 24 classes for $134 is VERY inexpensive but you have to take all 24 within a month!


Plus the open program at PNB, which I've not tried yet, is $15 drop-in, 20 class card for $250 but a 20% discount for subscribers. All are 90-minute classes.

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$123 for 12 class cards is the cheapest rate (~$10 per class). The class card is used for any type of dance class whether it is a 1 hour jazz or tap class or a 1 1/2 hour ballet class. There is 20% discount if a second dancer in the family (I get the discount thanks to dd) and a 10% discount if a subscriber.

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Studio A: $100 for eight 90-minute classes

Studio B: $140 for ten 90-minute classes


I once paid $15 for a 60-minute class - that is the most I've paid in my area of So Cal. And the class wasn't very good, so it really felt expensive!!

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In school (community college) I pay $70/credit- Pilates and ballet are one credit each. This pays for a 3 month term. There is a buch of other studios I drop in on and they range from $10-20 per class for drop in with breaks for cards.

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107$ a month for my first studio where I take 4 classes a week. (3 advanced, 1 fundamental), 92$ a month for my new studio (private classes) minimum 4 classes a month (number of the classes may change according to the teacher, he may say "be here twice a week" for the same price) and free rehearsals. 200$ a month doesn't sound that bad, but it will give me a hard time probably =P

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