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Books: The Healthy Dancer

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I was just wondering if anyone has purchased this guidebook yet? I think it was just recently released in October, so it is very new.


If You have it purchased it what do you think?


"The Healthy Dancer: ABT Guidelines for Dancer Health"





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I know that that book is taken from/or is part of the ABT National Curriculum. I would hazard a guess that it has really good information in it. :)

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..... and a lot of pictures and illustrations. I leafed through it at City Center during ABT's fall season. It is written at quite a basic level which makes it very good for dance students.

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The book is excellent, as it has simple explanations, anatomic diagrams, and good stretches, as well as basic advice. How can a student know what a psoas stretch does if they've never even seen a picture of it? For $19.95, a worthwhile investment.

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I agree this book is worth it! The chapters are laid out well and in an easy to understand manner. Great tips and pictures for stretching,etc...I really like the chapter that included emotional health--think burnout symptoms, how to handle teasing from non dancing friends and how to handle jealousy in the classroom,etc...Also a great section on nutrition and growing children.

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Basically, Ballet Talk for Dancers in book format!!!!! :sweating:


Ooh! Buy from Amazon through the banner at the top of our website please!!! :)

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I just went looking for it on Amazon and no luck. I googled it, too, and didn't turn up anything but the link the earlier poster gave.

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When I went to order it yesterday I tried to find it on other sites such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc..but I could not find it anywhere so I ordered through the link I first posted.


ABT is apparently kicking off the release of the book tomorrow so maybe it will be available elsewhere after that event.

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Well, thanks for trying anyway!!!!! Keep an eye out for me please, and let us know if it turns up on Amazon.

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