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Legs going numb by stretching


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I am wondering if anyone has experienced their legs going numb when stretching hamstrings (especially stretching front extensions with turned out legs). A Personal Trainer told me that it was probably due to my muscles going very tense and giving the a nerv some pressure which make the legs go numb. It doesn't require much stretching sensation for my legs to go numb. How do I work through that? Somehow I have a feeling that when my leg goes numb, the stretching must become unbeneficial as there might not be any blood going through the area giving oxygen to the muscles.

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The sciatic nerve does run through the lower rotator muscles as well as the hamstrings. Sciatic problems can account for a number of different sensations including numbness. I have had problems with the sciatic nerve in my left leg since having had my children, both of whom laid to the left side due to a large uterine fibroid on my right. Although I do not experience numbness, I will from time to time have a stabbing pain run down my entire leg for no apparent reason.


Nerves and muscles are parts of two different systems of the body. Nerves send messages to the brain. The sensation of numbness should not affect blood flow and does not mean that the muscles are not receiving benefit from the stretch. Your body is trying to tell you something is not right(you can't feel the remaining part of your leg- this is NOT normal). I would first consult with a sports medical physician who may refer you to a neurologist. A trainer is not qualified to diagnose(nor is a dance teacher like myself) such a condition.

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