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I havent been dancing for about 3 months due to family problems and circumstances.

Im hoping to go back next week.

But I worried that my technique has falling way behind.

I do stretch everyday and I try to practice my pointe work everyday but Im worried that my technique has suffered any advice?


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It's normal for one to feel a bit out of shape when returning after a break, however, the technique is not usually lost, just kind of sleeping, and it needs a little while to wake it up. :shrug: Three months is quite a long time, so it may take you about that long for it to feel totally right again. If you stop for years the technique will definitely suffer, a lot! But a few weeks or even 3 months is not drastic. I would suggest that you work on your barre exercises at home, though, as that is much more important than trying to do pointe work without having had a real class. :wacko:

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