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The American Musical and Dramatic Academy

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I recieved an information brochure in the post from this institute, I'm not sure how they got hold of my details but I suspect College Board had something to do with it. They claim to offer training in musical theatre and dance (contemporary, ballet, tap, and jazz). There are two campuses, one in New York and one in Los Angeles. The brochure doesn't give much information on their dance program, it seem to be more geared towards musical theatre.


I would love to know if any one has heard of AMDA, and what your opinion of it is?


The only ballet picture on the brochure is of a girl doing a grand jete with broken line, feet not properly pointed and poor extension. Turnout isn't too wonderful either. :shrug: This is everything but encouraging.



P.S. The view of the picture as described above is my personal opinion, I may be wrong and others may not agree with me. I still think it is a poor picture though.

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I'm sure you're right about the picture because it is a musical theatre/acting/performing arts school, not a ballet training facility. They offer some ballet classes, but not enough to train a ballet dancer. The faculty are all Broadway dancers, choreographers, and directors, so the thrust is not classical ballet.

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If its the one I'm thinking of, a friend of DD's went there following graduation from a ballet residency. That dancer was definitely looking for musical theatre and acting, not additional classical ballet training. She loved the program in New York!


I'm also thinking it is not a four-year degree, but rather a much shorter training program. But I could easily be wrong about that.

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I would not recommend it for a dance program. But for an acting academy yes. My non-dancing son did a summer program there in his Junior Year in High School, the monologue he learn there, he use for his audition to New York University Drama program. It definitely prepare him get into NYU.

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DD got their brochure when she was a senior. She never sent for it, we assumed it was due to the ACT or maybe the online college searches she did. It did not seem a good fit for serious ballet.

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Not unless you're interested in acting/dancing/singing on Broadway!

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I'm getting interested in AMDA now. I am looking into many types of performance careers. I would like to join a ballet company, but I don't know if that is realistic. I would also love to perform on Broadway or be a Rockette. I will be graduating from a highly ranked university w/ a math degree. However, I want to pursue performance as my career. I have been training in ballet during my university, but not in the intensity of a conservatory.

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My oldest daughter will be a third semester student at AMDA when they start in October. She is studying musical theater. You have a choice to study just acting, musical theater or dance. It is a conservatory program only in NYC with the option to finish a degree in LA if you choose.


The course load is very heavy as it is only a 2 year program and my daughter is at school from 8am to 9pm most days with tons of homework.


The dance program is only in its second year this year and I don't know how intense it is. Musical theater students have to take ballet, jazz and tap. My daughter is not challenged by the level of dance offered, but that is not her concentration.


The faculty is very well connected to Broadway and the alumni is impressive. It has been a wonderful experience so far and worth attending an open house. I believe it's held in Feb.

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Thanks for your reply ^^


I would be attending for dance since I do not have a theatre background. I am a little hesitant to go for dance if the program is only 2 years old.

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