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too hard on myself...


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When I am in ballet class, I can't help but compare myself to the other dancers.

I think how she is so much better at turns and she gets so many corrections, etc.

I know I'm not a bad dancer, but I feel like so many are better than me and

it is hard. How can I stay confident with myself when I keep thinking how others

are better than me? I don't even know if they are better than me. Is this like a

challenge I'm setting? Ahh! I don't know!

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The answer is right there in your question. You stop being too hard on yourself when you start to mind only your own business (you!) in class. How the other people dance is their business. You only compete with yourself.

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Just a thought: You are perfectly entitled to watch others and admire good things about them, and even try to figure out what they're doing right, then try it yourself! Just don't get into the bottomless pit of competition with others. Emulation is fine; competition is ultimately futile.

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Nobody's perfect at dancing and there is a girl in my studio who is the exact way. Do not worry about how other people dance. It is fine if you cannot do things perfect, you just need to practice. :D

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Ovationsballetbabe16, your post has been made invisible because it is not appropropriate on this board. I know you are new, but there are 3 of you from the same school who are new here, and you obviously know each other and are trying to talk to each other on this board. That is not how it works here. Please read our Sticky forums. They explain how we work. This is a highly moderated discussion board, not a message board. We use proper English, not text message speak, and the posts are not a dialogue between two people who can talk to each other in person.


The YD forums are for teens to ask questions about technique, classes, and performances. These questions are answered by the professional teacher moderators. Students may add anecdotal experience. The posts must relate to the topic and not veer off into personal conversation.

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I have the same problem. Just try to focus on yourself and doing your absolute best. If it gets to the point that I am not trying any more, I tell myself to stop the pity party, and that I will only improve with hard work....kinda mean but it works for me. :D

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I think many dancers, including myself, have that problem. It is hard to find a happy medium between pushing yourself and just beating yourself up about what you can't do. I find it helpful to watch amazing dancers in my class and try to pick up on some of their tricks.


Also remember that even if you are not getting a lot of corrections you can still apply correction for other dancers.

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Thank you everyone! All that you guys have said has really helped me.

I think Winter Vacation was just what I needed for a break from dance.

Although now I wish the break was a bit shorter... :yes:

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xoballet88, yes you have your break, but use it to your advantage. now you can practice at home, without having other people to compare yourself to. just turn on your favorite music and practice away!

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