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Hello everyone I'm new here!


In addition to being new on this forum I am also a relatively new dancer. I have been back to ballet now for about 1.5-2 years. I danced when I was younger but then quit to play basketball. I was hoping to participate in a summer intensive this summer but my skill level is not quite up to that of someone my I age. I am 16 but my technique, obviously, isn't quite up to that of other dancers my age. I am taking a lot of classes and quickly improving.


I am hoping you could suggest some intensive in California/United States that could be a possiblity considering my skill level? I am on pointe, but overall I am a beginning-intermediate dancer. Are there any programs that you think would fit my age and skill level?


Thanks!! :)

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Hello balletolivia12, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :)


There are not a lot of programs in the summer for teens of your age who are at a lower level. Does your own school have an SI program? Are you attending a pre-professional school? How much training are you getting right now? It might be possible to do an intensive there, if they have one, which most pre-pro schools do. If not, then look up the schools which are conncected to companies in CA and see if they have a program for Int. level older teens. Ask your teachers about other schools in CA, too. If you want to venture out of CA, you can probably get a lot more suggestions from people on this board, but I imagine there will be some for CA too.

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Thanks for the quick reply!


Unfortunately there is not a SI at my school, hence my search. My school is not pre-pro and most of my fellow dancers venture out of the area for SI's. I am currently taking 6 days of classes in addition to rehersals since we are rehearsing the Nutcracker. After the Nutcracker I will probably be taking class 4-5 days a week with 2 days of pointe.


I am open to intensives anywhere througout the U.S. that will accept someone of my skill level. If anyone has any suggestions or ideas of where to search please let me know! :)

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i know how you feel!! I'm at the intermediate/advanced level, even though i've been dancing for 12 years (even though half of those years wasn't so serious). Try looking up local colleges, for summer classes and intensives whehre you can increase your technique etc!! Also, try taking 3 or more classes over the year. I searched for like 2 days for the right summer intensives!! It's hard to find, but once you find the right one, you know that it's the right one! Just google "summer dance or ballet intensive." or "ballet camp." Good luck on your search!!! :thumbsup:

(i would give you an exact place, but I live in the north eastern part of the US... which is nowhere near cali)


oh my!! I just saw your post from before, i dont' think i read carefully enough :wink:


http://www.desales.edu/default.aspx?pageid=252 try this one. It seems like they accept all people.


"The Rock."

"Briansky Summer Intensive at Saratoga Springs"

"ABT" (offers intermediate and advanced)

&& "Bates"


good luck once again! :D

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Hello cwang, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


Since you are new here, we would like to suggest that you spend a bit of time reading topics to learn how we work. For instance, this section of the board is all about Summer Intensives, and if you look in the right topic, you can find information about almost every program which exists in the US. Please be careful of offering advice, and be sure to read the whole thread before responding. :thumbsup:

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I made a post invisible by a parent who must have wandered into the Young Dancers board by mistake. :)

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balletolivia12, a couple of years ago I thought that I was behind for my age as well and I did a lot of research on CPYB because I thought that was the only program I had a chance of getting accepted to. I went to a lot auditions as well so I could get the experience of doing auditions. To my surprise I was accepted into one of ABT's programs, it was a shock but I ended up going there and had a lot of fun. So you never really know and I would try doing other auditions even if they seem out of reach because sometimes surprises happen and you never know where you could end up until you try. :pinch:

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