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Boston Ballet Style?


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The website says Classical Ballet. The faculty is from all different backgrounds so it is hard to name a particular program of study. The style, well, that may change from class to class, but it should be with good taste! :D

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Thank you!


I also meant to ask if there is a thread comparing the different ballet styles? I have spent some time searching as I feel that I have seen something on here like that but am not having any luck finding it. Thank you.

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Here is a link to methodology:




If you run a Search on this word, there are oodles of threads. There are various methods of teaching ballet, which is what I am thinking is the question you are asking. Try Cecchetti, RAD, Vaganova, Bournonville, French/Paris Opera Ballet. Balanchine however is a style of dancing, as at this point in time, there is no actual program of study or particular class structure. There is also the newest, The National Training Curriculum of American Ballet Theatre. This is big in name but the history is brief (one year). However it has been developed by professional and knowledgable people.

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For a while, Boston Ballet was committed to some form of Vaganova or Vaganova-like training. That ended about five years back, and their current training is "unbranded," so to speak. In evaluating a school, its often instructive to look at what happened to their alumni.

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What style of ballet does the Boston Ballet teach? Thank you~


I used to dance at Boston Ballet, and it is an "unbranded" sort of dance, but at the best it is cecchetti. :)

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