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I will be performing in the Nutcracker soon and my dance teacher always says to smile. I don't really like to smile and it's hard to smile when I'm focusing on my steps. Also, there is a photographer who takes pictures. Sometimes i feel embarrassed just to smile during rehearsal. How could express myself more by not smiling and still look like i am, if that makes sense? But, of course I am going to smile during the real shows.

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The best route is to look pleasant, not differing too much from your customary facial expression, as under stress of performance, you might just end up looking like a leering idiot! Sir Frederick Ashton had it about right, "Now I want you to smile, but don't give me any of your grin. Do it with your eyes." Delicacy reads from the audience, so small changes will be noticed.

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Sorry, the above post has been made invisible. :) This is the Young Dancer's Forum!

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The thing is, you must be able to perform in class, and rehearsals too. Since ballet is a performing art, those who are auditioning you for SI's, and of course Companies, are looking for performers. They will not see you on stage, they will see you in the classroom.


What people want to see is someone who enjoys doing what he/she is doing. They are not interested in seeing the concentration, they want to see a dancer. Ballet is not only about technique.

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There was a post made by an adult, a parent actually, and that is not allowed on the YD boards. Therefore, the post was made invisible.


dancer247815, please observe the rules of Ballet Talk for Dancers. We do not allow text message speak on this board. Please spell out the words, use punctuation and upper case when appropriate, or your posts will become invisible too! :D

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Lexxii and dancer247815-


We are not talking about one of your posts that we made invisible (deleted). We have very specific rules about who can post where, and one of the adults (a parent) on our site posted here on this thread in answer to one of your posts. We made it 'invisible' because adults (other than moderators) are not allowed to post here.


And as far as the AIM/IM/speaking to each other/using text speak-


Thank you for agreeing to abide by our rules. :D

We have members here from all over the world and it's important that we respect that not everyone around the world spells, "you are" as "u r". Thank goodness. :P

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