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Bellybutton piercing


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It's one more thing to lose, one more thing to catch on the inside of a costume, one more hole to become a potential infection site. I'd leave it alone.

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Mel, may I add a post here? I used to work as a professional body piercer (in my wilder days :innocent: )


A belly button piercing could potentially be a very painful mistake. The belly button is the most prone to infection on your everyday person, and is very much NOT recommended for anyone who is highly active.


There are a lot of things a piercer won't tell you because they want your business.



Just to give you an idea of what you would be getting your self into....



It's cute.



3 months initial healing time in which you can't wear anything with a waist band that lays on the piercing (tutus, tights, etc)


HIGH likely hood of infection because of your level of activity/sweating (again you can't wear anything with a waist band that lays on the piercing)


Possibility of rejection, where your body pushes the jewelry out leaving a huge scar. This happens mostly to people who get a lot of infections (see above)


Also, when you have children, down the road, the scar will cause 2 or 3 stretch marks to go straight UP from your belly button, where you cannot hide them.


Specifically for a dancer, the waist band issue is a problem. You also run the risk of having it torn out if you ever do any partnering. I've seen this happen twice. :wacko::crying:



If you DO decide to go ahead with it, here are some things to know:


Check out your piercers safety measures. Every tool they use should be cleaned in an autoclave, come from a sterile bag, and they should open it with you watching. If they don't...leave and go somewhere else.


Never use hydrogen peroxide to clean your piercing. Dial soap (gold bar) is the best and just wash it gently in the shower after you do anything that makes you sweat. Be sure to dry it well.


If you get an infection, DON'T take the jewelry out unless a Dr. tells you to. Taking the jewelry out can allow the hole to close at the surface, trapping the infection under your skin.


All in all, I would recommend any other location on the body but that one. It is honestly not a good place for a piercing. It never has been.

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OKAY! :wacko:


Normally, I'd point out that this is the Young Dancers' forum and maybe even make a post from a non-moderator invisible, but in this particular (perhaps unique) case, the specialized experience is not only helpful, but welcome!


Thanks, angie, for the inside view on this issue!

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My friend, also a ballerina, has her belly button pierced. She also got it pierced on her 16th birthday, which was in August. She has no problem with tights or leotards, or even tight fitting costumes. She likes it, and it has yet to get infected. :wacko::innocent:

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Doubleturn has been kind enough to pass on this bit of information to me via PM:


You might like to pass on to Butterflyprincess that belly button piercing is not allowed at any of the Vocational schools. Various pupils have attended courses with the major schools in London, and one of the areas they talk about with reference to preparing for auditions is body piercing. Only one piercing in the ear lobes is all that is tolerated.


MJ has likewise sent me:


You should let the ladies know that Ballet partnering, especially pirouettes, could be painful.


Thanks to both of you for adopting a tactic for communicating which respects the teacher/student rule on Young Dancers' forums! :D

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Doubleturn has been kind enough to pass on this bit of information to me via PM:


...Only one piercing in the ear lobes is all that is tolerated.




Kind of off topic, but what if you already have more than one ear lobe piercing? I never wear earrings in any of the other holes, unless for a costume (it has happened).

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If you're not auditioning for any of the vocational schools in the UK, then you may be fine to just not wear earrings in the extra piercings. Butterfulyprincess is from Wales and will likely be auditioning for one of the vocationals in the UK.

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Thanks everyone,

After I read all the posts I have decided not to go through with the piercing. Thanks for all your feedback,

I know now I would have regretted it.

Many Thanks


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butterflyprincess, you should consider yourself lucky!!!! my mom would kill me if i asked to get my belly button pierced for my sweet sixteen. but yeah, i would put it off until you decide to not really dance anymore (if that's possible!!) considering all the posts above, that kinda scares me into not getting a navel piercing!!!!

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