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French braiding DD hair!


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Hello BTFD!


Nut is this weekend and I have to french braid by DDs incredibly thick hair, in order for it to fit under her wig--she is a party boy.


This is a very daunting task for me as I can barely do a normal braid. And, I have to do this Wed, Fri, Sat and Sunday --Arg!!


And advice on this manouver would be appreciated.

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Do a google search for instructions -- there is even a YouTube video of how to do it.


I have (more or less) learned how to do a French braid -- it takes practice, so you may want to spend some time doing and redoing it this week, so it will go more smoothly when you are under pressure!

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I learned to do it on my own hair in college by practicing when it was wet. The hardest part is getting all the side hair up in the braid before it gets below the hairline so it doesn't look sloppy. Practice before you have to do it for the show so you can take your time.

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If you're braiding it for the wig cap, do it upside down. Meaning have her lay over the side of the bed, you sit on the floor, and start the braid at the base of her neck and go up towards the top of her head. When the braid is done, have her sit up and fold the braid down against her head and secure with bobby pins.


It makes everything fit much neater into the wig cap.

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Is she lying on her stomach when on the bed, or on her back? If on her back, do you clip the top hair out of the way?


fendrock and ncdance--thanks for the suggestions, I will check out utube and use water.

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Also, if it is going under a wig, it doesn't have to be pretty, just secure. Also, I invested a whopping $2 for a mesh wig cap for my dd. It goes over the finished hair, before the wig. It gives the wig something to be pinned into. I can attest that the wig cap was a tremendous help keeping a wig, that was about 2 sizes too big, securely on her head. I think I got it at Sally's beauty supply or a similar type store.

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Hello Myers - I have had to wear a French braid or French braided bun for a couple of my Nut roles, and my mom became quite proficient at braiding it for me!


Supplies needed: brush, rat-tail comb, spray gel, hair spray, one small hair fastener (she uses the small black ones that look like a tiny rubberband), and at least a dozen large bobby pins.


My mom stands behind me when braiding it. First brush the hair out so there are no knots or tangles. (Static is also a big no-no when you are trying to braid.) Take a small section of hair at the very top of your daughter's head (as if you were going to put just part of it back in a barrett or something) and braid it once, but keep the hair separated in 3 sections with your left hand if you are righthanded. Then, take a section from the right and combine it with the appropriate section of the braided strand, and cross it over once. You will need to keep switching hands as you braid. Then, take a section from the left with your left hand and make it part of the braided strand, cross over once. You repeat the process of taking a small strand of hair from the right then left and adding it and braiding it into the middle section until you reach the bottom of the head/top of the neck.


At that time, you will have three sections that you just braid normally for the bottom section of the braid. Fasten it all the bottom with the tiny rubberband/fastener. My mom sprays the tip of the braid with gel so that it tucks under the bun easier. (My hair is very long, straight, and pretty thick.) She wraps the bottom of the braid into a bun just like you would a normal braid beginning at the back. She pins as she goes to keep the bun flat. (Before she begins pinning, she sprays any whispy side pieces in place.) She uses about a dozen of the bigger bobby pins to pin it up. She uses the rat-tail end of the comb to weave in any "lumps" by gently using the tail end of the comb to push/weave the "lump" forward and under. Then she sprays the top part and the bun. My buns have stayed secure even when I take a head piece of and on!


Hope this helps and doesn't confuse you more!

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Hi Busy Dreaming--


Sounds like your Mom is a real pro! I practiced on DD hair tonight and things went much smoother than in times past, due to all the above helpful ideas. I think the hair spray is a good idea, as even when I am really careful, there are strands of stray hair that fly around!


Thanks again!!

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Wig caps are great - they help hold down the hair and aid you in pinning down the wig.

You can make one up from an old pair of stockings. Cut a section off the leg up by the thigh - cut it longer than you need and tie a small knot in the top.

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Is she lying on her stomach when on the bed, or on her back?

On her stomach looking down at the floor off of the edge of the bed.

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You can make one up from an old pair of stockings. Cut a section off the leg up by the thigh - cut it longer than you need and tie a small knot in the top.



That is a great suggestion--an easy way to go, and no need for a separate trip to buy one.


Thanks all!

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