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My school is planning to do Coppelia this Spring. I was just curious, what parts are there in Coppelia? I know the basic storyline, so I know that there's Swanhilda and Coppelia and villagers and dolls...

What girl solo parts are there aside from Swanilda and Coppelia?

I'm expecting to get a corps part, but one of the more important ones because there are a lot of little kids who will be getting the more minor parts, so what kind of part will I be likely to get?

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Ah. Time for you to start your research!! Start here:

Ballet Talk- Coppelia

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Oh, thank you. There's a lot of information in there. I wouldn't have found that without your link. Thanks :)

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You're welcome!! :)

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The story is interesting ... I think I need to check some youtube videos for its earlier productions. They will be fun to watch.

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