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When doing cambre devant or even just bending over, I can't seem to get past a ninety degree angle. I've been stretching and working on it for five years and seen only a couple inches of improvement. It does have to do with flexibility- I feel a stretch in the back of my legs when I do it but it also makes my spine and back hurt. Umm, any tips or advice?

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90° in relation to what? Do you mean that you can only bend over as far as your waist?

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Um, yes. maybe a little bit further but around there.

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Oh, my dear! I don't know that I've ever run into a problem like that! Tell me, where do your developpés go when you do them? Are they waist-high as well?

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My developpes are a bit more than one hundred degrees in every direction.

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I suspect that you are also having alignment issues, which could be contributing to your flexibility issues. Since we cannot see you, I suggest that you see a PT- hopefully one who has worked with dancers- to discover what exactly is happening. :)

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Ok, I'll do that. Thank you so much. :)

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i read your conversation and i think the way you are stretching isn't right for you. i suggest doing your splits for ten minuites a day will help loosen your legs, also i would try not just bending forward but backwards too! that's what i do and it seems to help! if that doesn't help i would ask your teacher if there is a way to strech you haven't tried. do u run alot? if so this really tightens you up and makes it hard to stay flexible, or become closer to becoming flexible!

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I understand that you are new to us. :)

Please take some time to read the Rules and Stickies at the top of each forum. For example, you are posting in both the Young Dancers 13-16, and Young Dancers 17-22, leaving us to wonder which category fits you best.


This is a very organized site run by professionals in the field, and we appreciate it when posters do not give advice, but merely post their own experiences. :speechless: ashleydancer's issue is a bit more involved than just stretching. She needs a PT to help her- not just stretching on her own.

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