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I am starting Jazz and auditing modern next quarter, so I got new all purpose dance shoes- the new Capezio Freeform and the Bloch boost. I should be able to use the freeform for the two plus ballet, and the boost for days that I need a little more shoe. Unfortunately, they probably arrive just in time for the holiday break, but they may be a cause for drop ins at other open classes. I'm curious to see if the freeform really works for ballet class. I couldn't find an old school jazz shoe with the full leather sole like i wanted.

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I must admit that when my ankle was in very bad shape, I used jazz shoes in ballet class. I found that it was harder to do the ballet because the heel of the jazz shoe got in my way (it was low-heeled). Don't know what style shoe it is, though. Standard, black ones.

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I think these will work in ballet because they have no heel. I tried to link to the shoe, but could not (Opera can be weird sometimes) but if you look under "modern shoes" on the DDS website, they are the Capezio Freeform shown in Caramel.

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