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Television: Battle of the Nutcrackers

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I'm about to watch the PNB version; the Béjart version was...interesting last night. I mean, if it was marketed not as the Nutcracker, I may have sort of enjoyed it as a selection of contemporary ballet. And I loved the grande pas, Christine Blanc was gorgeous. But some bits were so strange that I was in way over my head! So far I'm holding onto my vote...

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I believe that Maurice Sendak designed the sets and some costumes. However, double-check me- I have a mind like a steel sieve!! :)

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I am watching it now and yes, Clara, Maurice Sendak helped design the sets and costumes. (my own little bear LOVED Little Bear, so I am fond of Sendak's work). "Chinese" is so cool as a 'bow' to Where The Wild Things Are!!!


I wonder how many ribbons Peaock would lose during a performance? LOL! I would have stepped on them :dry:

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The PNB version was different but not disturbingly so (I am SO traditional!). Definitely saw the Maurice Sendak

influence, the Chinese "dragon" was SO cute! I too wondered about the peacock costume, I was amazed she didn't trip over it but it was cool.

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kwdancer13, I've seen many Nutcracker DVD's for sale online, including the Balanchine, Matthew Bourne, and Bolshoi. You could probably rent a week's worth, especially if you rent online, and do your own Battle of the Nutcrackers.


If you're short on time, one of my favorite versions is the 3-minute Nutcracker that's on YouTube! :lol:

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Yes, I think the 3 minute one on Youtube is funny too! Hey isn't time that one is redone???? I think I could re-coreograph???? BAHAHAHA :lol::yes::yes::cool2:

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Huh, we should be so lucky in the UK. There is NO ballet on this Christmas in England except for the Nutcracker (just once) on a channel that I don't even have. :yes:

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We have been watching the Battle of the Nutcrackers here at home, but have also delighted in seeing the new Wonder Pets Save the Nutcracker. http://www.broadwayworld.com/article/THE_W...lodeon_20010101 It's so adorable and is just right for the littlest dancers! It has little to do with the original storyline, but I guess that's true of some of the others I've been watching. Another one we've seen this year for younger kids is the Tom & Jerry version. It wasn't quite as cute but it's still fun to watch. :blink:

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