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Hi I've been trying to find a pre-pro school, and I found Greenwich Academy. It's a little far- about 40 minutes, so I wanted to get everyone's opinion before I make a commitment. The middle school goes for five times a week and the upper school goes, six, I think. If anyone knows anything else about this program, like is it hard to get into, are the classes challenging, etc, please post! Also, since it is a bit far, can anyone recommend any other good ballet schools in CT? I know about Nutmeg and obviously Greenwich, but I was wondering if there were any others. This would be for a 9th grader w/ 4 years en pointe and 12 years dancing.


P.S. This is my first post so if it doesn't belong here please feel free to move it. :D

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Hello Caroline, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :D


This is the right place for your post, and I hope that you will get some response, as I don't believe we have anything here about the Greenwich Academy. Is there a website we could check out to look at the school, the faculty, and the schedule?


There are certainly other schools in CT, but we need to know what area you are looking for. Can you get to Nutmeg or is that too far?

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Yes there is a website: http://www.greenwichballetacademy.org . I think Nutmeg is a bit far- farther than Greenwich actually, but it's the admission I'm worried about. :) I don't know if my technique will be up to their standard. I'm not in 9th grade this year though, so maybe I will improve by the time I have to audition. As for area, we're talking in the Ridgefield/Danbury area. By that, you can tell that Greenwich and Nutmeg would be a bit of a stretch every day. :D

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Caroline, it looks like a good program and some very experienced people. I would suggest that you go there and talk to them, take a class, see how you like it and they like you. :D


I will see what I can find out about other places in the area.

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I take classes in the area, The Ballet School of Stamford, Connecticut Ballet Center (in Stamford), and Ridgefield Conservatory of Dance are all great schools as well. Connecticut Ballet is a Professional Ballet Company with a Trainee/Pre-Pro program, and recently opened an office in Hartford. All are easily Yayhoo'd and Goorgled.

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Wow- this is amazing! I also live in CT, and am looking for a pre-pro school. I've looked into Nutmeg, but my parents aren't satisfied with the academics. Greenwich looks good, too- unfortunately, it's too far away to drive every day. If only there was a boarding option! :unsure: Anyway, if you find any more schools in CT, please let me know! I'll be sure to return the favor. :)

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PP- I feel your pain- the academic situation isn't great for me- I have good grades and my parents are worried it'll all be a waste if I go to a residence or pre-pro school with academics as part of the program. I haven't officially discussed with them whether I'll be able to attend Greenwich, but it seems like such a good fit and I'll be disappointed but I'll understand if I can't go. I know they won't like the distance. Yeah so I'll let you know if I find anything- the search has been a bit disappointing so far. Hey, what part of Connecticut do you live in?

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I agree that the search has been rather disappointing. I live in the more Southern part of CT. At first I just dismissed Greenwich because of the location, but now that I've looked at the website carefully, it looks perfect! Argh! I don't know, maybe I will talk to my parents about it. It's very unlikely that I will be able to attend, but it seriously seems perfect. :unsure:

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I've heard good things about Greenwich Ballet Academy and have had the opportunity to see some of their students first hand at yagp. They're Russian based and have a lot of guest teachers come in from the Bolshoi school. If you're willing to make the commute and are serious about training, from what I've seen and heard, Greenwich would be a good choice.

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Guest balletandsynchro

When we are East visiting family, my DD takes at the Ballet School of Stamford. She takes open classes and likes the teachers. Stamford might be a better commute for you.

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The directors used to teach at my school and I miss them so much!! They are amazing teachers, so you should definetly try to go there. Its russian based and they have a lot of successful students coming from their school.

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Greenwich does look fabulous . . . I don't have a problem with the commute- But I have a feeling my parents will! I loved my Russian teachers from Bolshoi this summer, it would be nice to have similar teaching.


In terms of Stamford, it looks like an excellent school. However, the commute is only about ten minutes shorter. :)

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Ha same here. I wouldn't care about the commute, but my parents (or my dad at least because he is the one who would be driving me most of the time) might. There's also the problem of younger siblings, but that could be figured out. I like how you get a day or two off during the week and then you dance on the weekends- I'm sure my parents would be happy about that because they worry I have no free time :) Well I guess I won't really know until I ask them. Well let me know if you find anything else- I'll keep looking as well.

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My 14 yr old dd is a student at the Greenwich Ballet Academy and loves it. DD began at this school in Sept 07 and has improved significantly. The teachers Sara Knight and Michael Shannon are dedicated and very professional. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them. They are truely amazing.


The audition is basically like taking a regular class. Nothing to worry about at all.


They will usually work with you if you have scheduling difficulties. The school is also located right up the street from the metro north train station which is very convienent. Many of the girls commute to class from CT and NYC via the train.


Every fall and spring the students are required to take a ballet exam. After the exam a written report is provided to the students which basically shows where you are improving and where you still need work. This feedback is helpful to my dd in many ways. She is more confident knowing she is doing well at certain things and it motivates her to work harder on those areas in which she may be weak. At the last school she attended feedback was minimal to none. The feedback has been educational for me as a parent as well. I also feel better knowing that she is going in the right direction and that she is on the right track. For us the feedback at GBA is priceless.


The classes are intense, rehearsal time can become a bit stressful, but the training is top notch. The girls are very welcoming and really care about one another.


They also have a summer intensive which is 6 weeks long. My dd opted to only attend their SI this past summer instead of going away as she did the previous 2 years and she really felt it was as good or better then the other SI's she had attended in the past.


The students of the school are performing this Sunday December 7th at SUNY Purchase College at 2pm in the Dancelab Theater. Tickets can be purchased at the door.


It really is a wonderful program and most their graduates have gone on to dance professionally or are attending top universities.


Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you?

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Looks like they've got a performance this Sunday - maybe you could take your parents along to that, give you all a better insight as to the standards at the school, atmosphere etc.

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