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Hmm... Well I got an email back saying I should call her and she gave me her number. Do you think I can do it or do I need to have my parents do it? I'm still not sure if I can go yet... She says she is available all weekend, but I have a show tomorrow so I will have to figure out a time to do it. petit-parapluie- If you want I can privately send you her number(I know I don't have PM privleges yet). It might be the one listed on the website, but just in case I'll do it privately.

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Ok I called(wow that was nerve-wracking!). The general age range for the classes are:

Pre-Academy: 7-8

Lower Academy: 8-9-10

Middle School: 11-14

Upper School 2: 13-16

Upper School 1: 16-22(I did not know they have graduates)


The technique classes are not done en pointe, pointe is done during the designated pointe classes. Workshops may be done en pointe- It depends on the teacher.


She said the audition is a matter of acceptance or rejection ( :) ) and if accepted it serves as a placement class. She said the audition is to see if GBA is the right fit for the dancer.


I'm nervous about the audition now even if it won't be for a while if I do decide to attend. :shrug:


Hope this helps everyone!

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Wow- thanks so much, Caroline! This is invaluable to me. It does make you all the more nervous for the audition, though, doesn't it? I have a question, though: do you just make an appointment to audition, like there's no specific date? Thanks again.

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Um, I'm not sure exactly. But from what I got from the website, there is a set audition date for the pre academy and lower academy- It didn't have one for the middle or upper. So I would assume you call to make an appointment. I also read in an earlier post something about the audition being a class with other girls your age. I wonder if you can choose when you want to audition or if they choose for you. I hope I can do it after the summer, because I'm probably going to CPYB and well, I'm guessing I'll see a little improvement after that.


Gosh, I want to go so badly! Any tips on convincing the parents lol?! I've been doing some research and there is a train station about 10 minutes away from my house that goes to Greenwich! So that could be an option, although I don't know if my parents will feel comfortable with letting me take the train.


I really encourage you to call them- the woman I spoke to was very nice and very straightfoward in her answers. She didn't mind that I was the student, not the parent. She doesn't make you feel dumb for asking questions. :wink:

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Metro North Service to Greenwich is safe and quick. The walk up to the studio is on Greenwich Avenue, the ritziest Street in Connecticut. Instead of Traffic lights they use policemen to direct traffic; those Red, Green, and Yellow lights are just too tacky for Greenwich Ave. Plenty of high school age students take the train to schools up and down fairfield county. Traffic on the turnpike is awful during rush hour. There may be a student discount available.


All the best!

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Sorry for reviving this old thread, but do they tell you if you are accepted after you audition, or do you have to wait? Also, there is a set audition date for prospective pre-academy and lower school students, but what about prospective middle school students, like me?

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When my dd auditioned as a middle school student they told us right after the class that they would love to have her as a student. I think middle and upper school have a rolling admission and that might be why there isn't a scheduled audition date. All you need to do is call the office and they will let you know when you can audition. They are usually very flexible.

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You may want to contact the school again. One of the directors has left.



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What? One of the directors left? CAn anyone tell me some more information about it, and if anything drastic is going to happen?

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Are you still happy with your DD training at this studio, now that the dust has settled from one of the directors leaving?

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Hi, I was wondering if anybody had any information about this school? I understand that in the last year both directors have left and I was wondering about the quality of the program since?

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Have you looked at the thread for the school? I unfortunately only have second hand information which is all positive. The only first hand information I have is they are one of the few schools in CT that have a pre-pro schedule. Most of the studios here in CT do not offer enough technique classes, requiring parents to drive to multiple studios in order to approximate a pre-pro schedule.


Good luck!

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