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Television: Billy Elliot on PBS

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Not sure if this has already been posted, but PBS is running a documentary at 8 tonight (ch. 13/NY; check listings in other areas) called "Finding Billy Elliot". It covers auditions, rehearsal and actual show material.

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Sadly, apparently not in my area (Buffalo) - from what I see we go from Curious George at 7:30 to Business report at 8:00.


Ah well.




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Oh, I just watched this! I was really cute. :) It did make me a little jealous, seeing these phenomenal dancers who were so much better than. Those little girls from SAB that were shown as well- it is a little disturbing to see that their technique is better than mine. Anyway, as I said before it was really adorable.

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I really enjoyed the program material, but it kind of irked me that they had twice as much fundraising as content. Didn't mind it so much when it was the kids doing it.

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Yes, I have found that PBS has had a rather obnoxious amount of fundraising lately. I normally avoid watching it because of this, but if I ever do, I make sure that I have a nice book on hand. :)

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Just to keep an even perspective, when they went into the "commercial" (everybody knows that there are no commercials on PBS :) ), I surfed over to Discovery Channel, and watched bits of a program called Destroyed in Seconds. :wink:

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Probably a poor substitute (I can't really judge, since I didn't see the PBS program), but better than nothing, there is a clip on the Billy Elliot on Broadway website with footage of the audition process. It is also called "Finding Billy".


Was the same footage was used for both? And if there was really that much time out of the program for PBS funding, was there any more to the show than what's already on the website? :)

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Just in-(PBS)-studio mini-interviews with David, Kiril and Trent. Somewhat more illuminating, but hard to pick out amid all the money-grubbing. Rafael Pi Roman did relate well to the boys, for which I was grateful.

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yes, the fundraising is obnoxious, but like all of the arts, they're in dire straits. there was a time when government and corporate sponsorship paid the bills, but no more. the quantity and quality of new programming has suffered - and the interruptions really affect the viewing enjoyment, but... and i have no personal or vested interest, i really think that they are suffering financially. hard times, these times, for the arts - as everyone involved in dance well knows.

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My major point was that there was twice as much promo as program content. I agree that public broadcasting needs to solicit support, but when you get to the point where there is more fundraiser air time than that given to the actual program, you've come to a bad place.

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The fund-raising is essential and as such I can tolerate it but when they take my favorite programs off to put on a special that is quite often awful I want to scream. We all have favorite programs we would support keeping on the air but they take them off to try and make us give. It makes very little sense, if any!


The Billy Elliot program I appear to have missed. Actually I don't know if it was even on our PBS station, they probably thought it didn't have enough mass appeal and decided not to air it because it wouldn't pledge well!

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Yet another reason why Billy Elliot does not have the same transformative effect in the US as it had in the UK.

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It was not on locally and I so wanted to see it. We are trying to figure out how to get to NYC to see the show and I worry that it will close-despite amazing reviews- before we can get out there.

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Lots of B'way shows will be closing after New Years Day. Tough economy.


I saw raw footage of the documentary at a Connecticut ballet Gala, they had the producer discuss his project. I'm sorry i missed the documentary.


PBS could raise more money by having commercials instead of fund raisers. Good commercials are more intellectually stimulating than 2 hour fund raisers.

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I think Billy Elliott will survive a while on Broadway. It's posting good numbers, selling expensive tickets -- 98.2% sold with an average ticket price of $111.65 last week, up there among the top 5 selling shows right now. Broadway grosses are posted weekly on the Playbill website.


There's hope for those of us with no immediate plans to go to NYC but who want to see it, myself included!

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