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If I could turn back time...


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I think it was Bill Clinton who said that it is a waste of time to want to be something that you could have been. Focus on here and now and just enjoy!

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Completely agree, Eunheejun. Wise advice!


Thing is, about any career, and life in general, that you get where you're going to go. Often we get there differently than we had planned. And it might not have been what we were aiming for when we started out.


And in performing arts careers, I'm afraid that the hard truth is, talent will out. I see this again and again in my daily work. If you stopped dancing at a certain time, well, there was a reason for that. And there's always the action of chance: in a dance career, for example, you can have everything going for you, and still have a debilitating, or even career-stopping, injury. It happens. And I rally don't think there's much point in looking back except to help guide you on your journey forward.

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