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Finals Week!


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Hello my friends,


I am just about to enter ballet finals week at the community college where I have been enrolled in Beginning Ballet as an adult student.


I have thought about coming here to the watering hole time and time again and let you in on the progress, but there is just SO MUCH I want to say. I figured the powerful ballet-web-masters would run me off if I loaded this site up too much.


So I have decided to build a webpage and dump it all there. I'll let you know as it begins to develop and if any of you are so inclined you can visit me there!


But - the good news is that I did not give up and quit (as I honestly thought about on several occasions).


AND - I am enrolled in intermediate ballet next semester!


So - thanks for your encouragement. I now know a few thiings you folks talk about here every day. And I am MORE than proud to be counted as a ballet dancer!


Thanks for ALL your encouragement over these months.



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Merde on your finals - I'm sure they'll go well! Good for you for sticking through ballet and enrolling in the next level for the spring semester. Never give up!

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Oooooh, Ballet finals. I remember those. Lots of Merde.


Get your heels down when you are supposed to. They count off for that. We lost points if we didn't have dirty tights after retire too. It was an old dirty studio that had once been a basketball court. Imagine the class size!


Keep us posted.

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