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Scholarship/Grant Options?


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Hi there! Gosh, it's been quite some time since I have been on here--Glad to be back! :)


Now, onto business. I was recently accepted into a prestigious and wonderful summer intensive, as well as been offered the opportunity to go abroad and dance and take master classes--Hooray! I'm terribly excited, and have been working my tail off for ages now. (Which is probably why I have the flu now...)


The total cost for both programs is steep indeed; I have been sending out resumés to teach through my city's recreational ballet center (mostly teaching little ones) as well as applying for normal-people jobs, but so far no luck. My family, wonderful as they are, are determined to get me there no matter how many extra hours my parents must pick up at work. But I want to lessen the load on my already hard working and stressed out parentals! I have already written a few corporations with no response about sponsorship, plus looked online for any spare scholarships floating around. I have found that most scholarships tend to be for college tuition, rather than for dancers and their programs. Is there any other place I should be looking, scholarships or grants that I have not been able to find?


Thanks so much!

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I would look into what local service clubs are doing in the way of support for artistic education. Rotary International is a good source for support toward students who pursue careers in music and the arts. They are not, of course, the only service clubs around, so see what organizations are around (Lions, Kiwanis, and so forth), and chat up some of the local members.

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Thanks Mr. Johnson! Those are wonderful ideas; I sent out some e-mails and will be making phone calls and such soon. I had no idea we had a Kiwani chapter in my town till this post and I checked!

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You're very welcome.


Just a piece of advice for when you speak to somebody: "Kiwanis" is singular. It's pronounced, "kih-WAHN-is". Members are "Kiwanians". You stand a better chance of favorable notice if you pronounce the name correctly from the start! :P

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When I was applying for college I used a website, Fastweb.com, to find scholarships. While many of the ones I found were for college they have thousands upon thousands of listings of scholarships. You take a little survey so that it narrows down and searches scholarships that fit your characteristics and needs. I'm not sure how much luck you will have but I think it might be worth a shot.

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