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Teacher won't allow sleepovers during Nutcracker


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As noted in the Topic Title our ballet school's director/teacher (AD) won't allow sleepovers during Nutcracker. She most surely prohibited them after a group of Sr. girls headed out last night after dress rehearsal (late) with sleeping bags. And we had school group performances with warm-up at 8am today. But this weekend our shows don’t start until 1:30pm (okay class is at 10 though) the last show will wrap at about 10pm.


Here's the question what’s wrong having a sleepover? I think it helps bond the sisterhood. Also, isn't it our time, after all? How do professionals handle this? Do companies have bans and curfews? :)

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Russina, professionals are adults, and most of them don't do things like that prior to performances. Well, I doubt they do sleepovers anytime! B) Performances are their job, and what they have worked so hard for, so, they are not going to jeopardize that by being worn out from the night before. They must be healthy and strong and well rested to do those jobs properly. :)

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And it doesn't matter how well the sisterhood is bonded, if it's asleep on its feet for rehearsals in the morning, it can get replaced! You must learn performance time discipline, or one day it will come back and bite you in a sensitive place.

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Good point, quill, but this is the Young Dancers' Forum. No parents allowed, only students and the teacher-moderators.

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:wacko: AHH!! A lesson learned, professional discipline is a worthy objective to seek. I’m sure the future holds many opportunities for exhausting myself in worthwhile pursuits. I will try to ensure those times are used to my greatest advantage and still have fun doing it. :yes:
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