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I actually had an "enlightenment" moment that will change everything in my technique yesterday. Because of my previous ballet studio, I now realized that I'd started to think ballet as an improvisation act, where everybody tries and fails or succeeds, and I'd started to think it as "chances, genes, body" bla bla... But now I see that the technique is a technique; and it is scientific, and it is adjustable, it is a method formed by little hints and tactics.


I learned how to do a pirouette yesterday for the first time in my life. Before that it was only improvisation, not quite understanding what I do wrong and what I do right; and it was impossible for me to understand that after doing 8-9 doubles in a class I couldn't do a single pirouette for 3 weeks without getting off balance; and yes I was thinking "then it was a coincidence that I did 8 doubles in a class because look at me, I'm not even able to do a single for weeks." But now I know; and my doubles are back. Only problem is spotting but I can handle it. :) I'm so lucky to have found my current teachers...

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I had the best en dedans turns in my life yesterday. doubles! :innocent:


I'm not sure what brough it on. I think it may have been that I decided to wear an extra layer of tights under my usual ones, and the heat was turned up in the studio, so that by time we got to center I was very warm and loose feeling. We did a very simple pirouette combination, focused on en dedans turns, which I usually really dislike. But for whatever reason, I was able to consistently whip out doubles on both sides - at least the first time we did the combination. My teacher didn't seem to notice, but one of the other students commented that I looked completely relaxed and I like I had just decided "oh, what the heck I'll go around again before I come down." I was completely psyched but of course jinxed myself -- after that I started hopping a bit on the second time around. But the memory kept me going for the rest of the class and I was completely happy with myself for the rest of the night. For once I know what if feels like to have a nice en dedans turn! :innocent:

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I got through Nutcracker this weekend!! I felt like I had some nice moments and did an overall OK job, but it taught me some things I need to get better at too. Notably, my confidence in manege work. Not so slick in that regard.


But not too bad on a concrete stage. This year, I stayed at the hotel attached to the theatre and got to stretch early in the AM in the hot tub, after icing at night one foot at a time in the hotel room trash can and ice. I did some laps in the pool to get my heart rate up, then did some slow (water assisted) promenades.


Overall, acceptable for the show, but wish I did better. Oh well...it's a tough venue and stage and I feel all right about it. The audience was excellent every performance. Lots of energy from them.

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Lampwick, so glad your show went well. That's great. Its always helpful to critique your performance and learn from it but it sounds like you enjoyed it too which is also important.


I called about ballet lessons in my new city & they are closed for Dec., reopen in Jan. They have already had their Nut. Now I am checking out a town close by to see if there are any classes at all this month!

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I got to a Ballet class. What a relief after time off with it being last chance week.


I thought it was going belly up when the weather people on TV kept saying "If you are home, stay there" because freezing rain is coming. Then they said it would be a while before it arrived. I wanted them to make up their minds.


It was a while. It was barely raining 3 hours later when it was time to set out for home and I felt so good just for having a class for the first time in several weeks.

Today it is nasty and the school is closed for the day. I can hope for better weather by Thursday.

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Yep, this weather is making it very difficult to get to class, first snow, then the dreaded freezing rain, then more snow, but today it's just cloudy!!! TA DA!!! Class tonight - YA HOO! But tomorrow we're supposed to get 6 inches of snow, hopefully it will end BEFORE class starts then I won't have to worry during class as to the drive home, that's never good.

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Gosh! We always complain about the weather here in Britain, but our weather is temperate (a polite way of saying it rains a lot. A LOT), and we rarely have to worry about whether we can travel because of the snow.


Good luck getting in & out of your studios during January!

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I thought there would be more Champagne worthy moments posted here this month. Hmm.

Anyway, I had one yesterday. During my usual morning stretch that happens when I dry my hair up side down, my palms went right to the floor. I don't even get past my knuckles usually, and that is after a warm up.

Life can be amazing at any time.

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I now can do fouette turns. Only when I'm not exhausted, so I need to start turning just after I wake up or else I'm getting stuck at the third one and hop around... =P By the way the highest number I reached is 6. Including a lot of traveling and bad spotting :P

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Bubbly: Two good dancers had good comments Yesterday. The other day, I did Grande Allegro alone, and got applause.


I've been taking a great Stretch class, and everything has been improving. Turns leaps extension. Teacher of the stretch class is an ex dancer and really knows how to get more flexibility out of everyone.


Whine: Cold Chilly Cold Darn awful cold weather! :P

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My bubbly moment for this month would be, that after 2,5 months' hiatus (I've been abroad and travelling quite a lot because of my work) one girl couldn't attend our Christmas performance, so our teacher send me a sms a week before the show that will I be in the country when it's showtime. I told her that I will be, but I don't think I will take part in our show as if she hadn't noticed, I haven't attended any class since...September-October. :blushing:


Well, she said to me that I have to, she will bring me the music and choreography on paper and I will do it. :)


And so I did. I was so desperate when I saw the whole thing for the first time that I suddenly came up with an idea that I'd videotape the piece with my mobile phone (luckily I have a good camera/video feature in it) from behind, the teacher did my place, and then I transferred this video clip on my iPod so I could watch and learn it while I was walking, on a tram etc.


The others had been practising (not full-time of course, but 1-2 times a week in the end of each class) for at least 2 months, I had all together one rehearsal (withouth my pair because she couldn't come to class then).


So the first and last time I danced with my pair was in the performance. :D It wasn't perfect (like I started some waltzes just to notice that all the others are standing still...), but regarding the circumstances I think I did quite ok. My goal was not to have a black out on stage and that I accomplished.


My whine would be the same: almost 2,5 months without a class, so I need to fix my schedule for 2009. And find a new pair of pointe shoes as no pair that I have seems to fit. They are fine for the first 10 minutes and after that :)


Happy holidays to everyone and all the best in 2009! :clover:

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That sounds like a wonderful experience. Congratulations to you.

Good luck with the shoes.


My proud moment for the end of Dec. is that I made my own pointe shoe Christmas stocking. It was kind of silly as I had last years store bought pretty pink one, but it is very small. I also had a regular size one with a high heel and a feather boa around the top of the leg. The one I made is a long leg one (like me) maybe 2 feet long. It is made out of shiny red pattern on pattern fabric. I used white on white for the shoe, and white ribbon. I also used some red tulle and made a bit of a tutu around the top. It came out pretty good. :D

Now I have one to rival My husband's super size stocking, which is really a pair of Santa shorts that I sewed the legs shut on because they were too big for the hubby to wear. We were also short a couple of stockings this year so creativity and fabric around the house were necessary.

My old pink pointe shoe was reserved for my nieces dog, but she left the dog with her parents for a while so it was the only one that went unused.


My complaint for the day is that my finger hurts. I made a mistake and pinned it to the stocking fabric. :blushing: Ouch. Hard to type today.

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Thanks Laschwen! It really was an experience, and although we didn't do Swanlake or anything too fancy, it was for me quite demanding because I was sure that I'm going to panic and not remember anything. Not to speak about that 2,5 months without a class that may have affected my flexibility. Or something. :)


I found an old pair of Gamba 93 in my cupboard so I'll try them. I don't remember why I abandoned them but I'm sure there must be a reason. :D


Your Christmas stocking sounds great, it would be great to see a photo! :devil:

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:wink: I take adult ballet class, but don't post here very often - we are off until next week; however, doing the teacher's annual "SugarPlum Stretch" class tomorrow - only day that she plays Nut music! It's an annual treat - we delve into Sugar plums afterwards. However, the good news is that I'm going to do at least the barre of the more advanced class on a weekend morning - Yeah! I'm soooo bored with the gym...ballet makes me feel lean and mean, not to mention creative and graceful!


Lashwen - I love your stocking idea!


And congrats to all the performers this year - such confidence!

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