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stronger leg?


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Hi, i have a small problem since i started to dance ballet my rigth leg have

always been my favorite one.

My teacher thinks that when we do grand jetes in class

that my leg(i think it´s the left one) is a little unfexible.

I do feel that my rigth leg is better then the left,

when i strech i always put one leg in front of me and the other

crossed next to me.

Should i do more of that with my left leg or

should i sit in a split?

Which streching is affective on the left leg :dry:

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To get better, you have to work the parts that are weak. That means doing more with your weaker leg to try to bring it closer to the level of your stronger one.


I have one "smart leg" and one "dumb leg" as well - I think we all do. Fortunately, there's not that great deal of a difference, but I will say that they have switched sides. Used to be my left was smarter and stronger. Now it's the right. I know this happened because my right one had to have a lot of physical therapy after I broke the ankle. Naturally, it became stronger.


So I am now at the gym trying to push my left leg and foot to the strength level of the right one. It's not easy!

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Thanks for the replay :shrug:

Sorry about your ankle :)

We do the same practice on both sides in class

but i don´t use the left leg as much as the rigth.

But from now on it will change i will work hard on

both of my legs.

Nothings easy in ballet but after a while it gets easier :D

Thanks again

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