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Adult Dancers in December


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I just wanted to know what everybody is up to this month.


Is anybody managing to keep up with classes?

Are your schools still open for classes?

Who is performing in Nutcrackers?

What parts?

Anybody else feeling starved for classes like me?

Do you want a break from Ballet for the Holidays or does your body miss it?


I just found out this week is out for me but next week I should be able to get in 2 classes if nothing else claims the time. There has been a bit of a local Holiday crunch going on because of a holiday bazaar I was baking and digging out things to donate to it, but it was the first rush and things should be calmer now that it is over.

Most of my decorating got done during the dig out. I still have preparations to make, but they are low stress ones for the most part. The gift shopping is almost done thankfully.


I am making a point to dance to holiday music if it comes on the TV while I am puttering in the house, just to keep loosening up. We went to a birthday party last night and I was hoping for a little bit of boogying, but that wasn't on the agenda unfortunately. Still it was fun and relaxing.

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I just realized today that I may not be able to go to my Friday class until the new year! :dry: Between Nutcracker and work obligations, and then the holidays, I won't be able to go, and I had to miss it the past two Fridays too.


One of my teachers will usually do a class right around New Year's if enough of us want it and can come. I went to it last year and will this year if able to.


I have a party mom role this year in DD's Nut, so I've been keeping busy with that! But I do think I'll be pretty stiff and out of shape once classes start up again full force in January. I'm hoping to get to class a couple of times next week if possible and maybe schedule a private lesson over my winter vacation.

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I'm looking for classes; I just moved to a new town for a job (I've been here a week; I'm doing travel nursing so I'm spending 3 months in a town & then moving on to another job, these are really short term jobs). I did go see the local Nutcracker this weekend and training looks pretty decent so hopefully I can get in some good classes. They had an adult dancing Spanish so I was thinking while I watched it, if I had been here sooner, maybe I would have gotten to perform!!

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I have my usual weekly class this week and next, plus three Nut rehearsals this week and three performances next weekend. I'm Clara's Mom this year -- a new role for me, and unexpected as I only found out when the cast list went up. (That might sound strange, but usually the adults just keep their parts, and no one asked ahead of time if I even wanted the role.) I'm having fun with it -- as, apparently, is everyone else. Here's a sample exchange from rehearsal:


Clara's Dad (to Drosselmeyer as he snaps his handkerchief at me during a break): "Watch yourself sir -- that's my wife!"


Drosselmeyer (my husband in real life): "I could tell you a few things about your wife ...."

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I think the banter among the party parents has been one of the most fun parts of the whole thing, for me. It's a chance to be playful and silly!

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I'm missing classes right now because of a nasty cold :dry: but otherwise I'll probably get more than half my usual dose. One studio hardly ever closes, the other two close for a couple weeks but have "special" classes - kind of ad hoc based on which teachers want to host a class. Usually they are more mixed in level, but fun because it's the more committed and enthusiastic dancers who show up!


Laschwen says "...making a point to dance to holiday music" - my best teacher is doing all the center work to Nutcracker music this month, very fun. In the intermediate class we're doing her choreography to the Arabian music.

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Ours are open through to the beginning of the holiday break for regular schools. I've actually ADDED a class this week, but will miss all of next week due to my own personal holiday. Still, the ship I'm on has a gym with a wood floor and ballet barre so the times at sea will be spent partially in there, I expect.


Then two weeks off and no place to dance for that time. I'm hoping my private teacher will be willing to do a couple of private lessons, if she has time. :dry:

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My studio has classes up through the 19th and with dd still out sick I can dance three days a week since I don't have to work around her schedule. It's a 35 mile drive to class, easy during good weather, not so fun when it's icy and snowy out.


Done with decorating (put up the wreath and the Nutcracker) until my husband is here on leave from his ship in San Diego. I'll make him do the hard stuff :)



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I'm taking private Pilates classes once a week, a mat class and hopefully 2 ballet classes per week. I'm hoping to build up to 4 classes per week in January.

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With Nutcracker starting this week, I won't be able to get in my usual classes. I'm hoping to be able to at least do the abridged company class before performances on Friday and Saturday. Then next week we have rehearsal Tuesday and performances Wednesday - Sunday. Again, hopefully I'll be able to do warm-up with the company so I get in some type of class!


I can't remember if my studios have classes over the holidays. I'm hoping they do - otherwise I'll have to trek to NYC.

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This is the first time in many years I'm not in a nutcraker. Our local performaning arts center is in deep financial trouble and could not take on the risk of producing an expensive production.


I also just came off a touring production of R&J, so I'm a little tired of wearing a dancebelt, itchy costumes, and makeup for extended periods. And you know that work/job thing gets in the way.


When I hear the Tch. score, I realize I won't be in any performances this year, pretty sad.


I just got invited to a close friend's wedding, which I would not have been able to attend if I were in a nutcracker.


When you have a social life and a career, Holiday parties, Office parties, and other events happen in the last weeks of the year. I usually had to offer a lame excuse to not attend due to rehersals and performances.

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And I did get to dance at my employer's Christmas party...hopefully all of us get to do some 'social' dancing if not ballet dancing during the holidays!


I'm sad I'm not in Nut. this year too, MJ. :) I got to be in snow last year and it was really fun. Maybe next year I will get to be in Nut. again.

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I've been taking ballet for doctoral credit this semester, so I am glad to have an actual break now :-)

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I have two weeks regular classes and then there is our christmas brake. I don't know yet when my classes will start in the New Year, it depends on how many people will be there in the first week. No nutcracker or any other christmas performance. I am really glad. I graduate next year so I'm preparing for that one. First test is 5th of January. There are plenty of other things to do for me. At the moment I don't feel like having a break. I am having "half of a break". My back is not good at the moment and I can only do half of the things in class which is annoying. My appointment with the doc is next friday and I am really afraid, that it is something bad.

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I'm performing in a local studio's Nutcracker next weekend. Today was our last studio rehearsal. I'll be doing Flowers and Snow corps, Spanish for two shows, and Ribbon Candy (Marzipan) for two shows.


They almost were unable to do Nut this year because of financial reasons, and I hope we can sell enough tickets to cover it:) It's tough, especially in our area, where there are so many productions. The choreography is very charming, they've been doing this production for many years, and I'm really looking forward to it.)

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