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Movies: Center Stage 2

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Yes, they are from the first movie. I was responding to Momof3Darlings' post from 11:55 a.m. today where she was referring to dance doubles being used in the first movie.


I'm in agreement with you on Ethan Stiefel!! I also remember reading that "Charlie" danced with Ethan Stiefel's company a few years back and remember going to the website and seeing his picture there as well.


Centerstage is my daughter and my all time favorite movie! Sequels sometimes have a hard time living up to the original and considering this one did not make it to the big screen or DVD, but went straight to television, I must admit I am a bit skeptical, but I know we will enjoy watching another dance movie.

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Ah. Thank you. It will be interesting to see what direction they are going to go with this one. We can all hope, right? :lol:

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Elizabeth Gaither "Swan Lake Soloist" Corps de Ballet of ABT.


Elizabeth Gaither left ABT and has been a principal at Washington Ballet for several years.

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I don't know if ALL had formal ballet training, but I do know that Amanda Schull "Jody Sawyer" trained with SFB, where she was discovered for the role. Zoe Saldana "Eva" studied ballet at ECOS in the Dominican Republic. Sascha Radetsky "Charlie" is a very accomplished dancer, currently dancing with the Dutch National Ballet as a Principal. Julie Kent "Kathleen" is still a Principal with ABT. Megan Pepin "Anna" danced in the Corps de Ballet of the New York City Ballet. Sandra Brown "Swan Lake Soloist" is a soloist with ABT. Elizabeth Gaither "Swan Lake Soloist" Corps de Ballet of ABT. Also, the majority of the cast that I had researched acting as dancers truly were dancers or are dancers with ABT or NYCB in some capacity. So, I'm not sure how many "dance doubles" were actually used.

Zoe Saldana had a dance double--Aesha Ash, who at the time was in the corps of New York City Ballet.

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Yes, Jewel there were dance doubles even for people with dance credentials. (sorry if I'm a bubble burster :shrug: ) For example, in many of the dance scenes including Jonathon's Ballet , Aesha Ash actually danced Zoe Saldana's dance scenes. There are interviews with Zoe where she mentioned the number of years it had been since she had been in a ballet class or put on pointe shoes before this movie although she does have classical training. You can see the camera splice in one of the classroom scenes as well as in Johnathon's ballet.


As well, Deanna McBearty danced "Maureen's" dance scenes. If you watch the movie with that in mind, you can see the camera splice points both in Johnathon's ballet and a very good shot of Deanna dancing before they splice to the scene where Susan May Pratt (Maureen) is chastised for not dancing with heart. Look for the across the floor and then for who walks away from the floor. Yes the cast was dancers but not necessarily the main actress danced the scene.


One more I didn't know until double checking my facts on "Maureen" to make sure I had the dancer's name right, Sean Stewart danced in Jonathon's Ballet when it was performed on stage, instead of Ilia although Ilia has a skating? background. Also, if I am not mistaken, Susan May Pratt didn't dance at all but was trained to do the lovely port de bra scene for the movie. At least, in the back of my mind she is the actress who was interviewed and said that. I can't find the interview to reference but did look at her resume which lists no classical ballet training at all but was a working actress at the time of casting.


At my house, we love to "catch" the doubles when watching a favorite movie on the 2nd or 10th go round. And catching other oddities like changes of hair in scenes where there would not be time to change hair in movie "real time". It actually makes for a fun family evening to watch movies and catch them, rewind and have an "aha" moment whether it's because there was a double or because something like forgetting to reverse the camera image (Ex: hair part on left and in the same scene, actress never leaves dinner table but hair is now parted on right minutes later with words on posters now backwards also). They should have used a double in more scenes in Save the Last Dance by the way......... :lol:

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Wow! I will definitely be watching more closely this weekend. Oxygen is playing Center Stage I Friday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. and Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m.

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If you can watch your DVD so you can rewind anytime there is a shot where the upper body of the "dancer" is shown and then a quick change to the full body. Dead giveaway.

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The themes of body doubles and ballet dancers accepted into prestigious companies/schools without formal training remind me of a movie that easily makes my Most Hated list (Roger Ebert's, too) - "Flashdance." I think there were 3 body doubles for Jennifer Beals (one for ballet, one for breakdancing, and a gymnast - and the breakdancer was a man). Jennifer Beals did as much as anyone could have with the part, but the whole idea was so ludicrous - she was a welder during the day and an exotic dancer at night. I think she eventually did work with a ballet teacher, though you've got to wonder how she found the time with all that going on. The audition scene at the end of the movie is beyond dumb. But an awful lot of people liked it. :)

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I've removed the suggestion for additional movies to a new thread on Books. Hope you will all join us there for your suggestions for Dance movies in all Dance areas.


Movie selections for Ballet, Jazz AND Hip hop lovers

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I can add that many dancers at NCSA where E. Stiefel is now Dean of Ballet will be watching on Saturday night. Curiousity blended with love of the first movie. :wacko::yes::cool2:

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See: From the NCSA website: On the Movie and Stars


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damls, you may provide a link to the actual website page if you like. :)

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Thank you fendrock! I'm now excited to see the movie.


*edited to change not to now. Oops, whole different answer was meant.

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I already have my dvr set to record it :unsure: but it does sound very ballet blend with hip hop ish which is soo overdone! I'm just hoping for the best

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All I can say is UGH! Yuck! Ewwww! Enough said.

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