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Movies: Center Stage 2

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Wow. I'd been waiting and waiting to see this movie but it was AWFUL!!!

What happened to using professionals as the students the way they did in the first movie?

Pointe shoes were tied improperly, I've never seen more sickled feet, and as much as we wish you could just want to be a star and then become one its NOT reality.

However, Ethan Stiefel does perform a variation that is wonderful.

Its a shame that they couldn't create an accurate sequel to such a good movie.


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One of my favorite moments is when the director of the school says something about needing technique to be able to dance Giselle, Sleeping Beauty, etc., and Ethan Stiefel's character replies by saying "Well, what about Twyla Tharp and Jerome Robbins?" We all know that anyone can dance In the Night or In the Upper Room as long as they have "fire"... :green:

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Tutu, are you implying that Tharp and Robbins works can be danced by anyone without good technique, as long as they have "fire", or was that part of the quote???

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self taught ballet dancer !!


Another proof that you process information differently depending on the medium. When I saw that line in an online context, it didn't faze me. When I saw it in hardcopy in a paper yesterday, the offensiveness of the concept hit me right between the eyes. I thought, "Must be Science Fiction." :wallbash:

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If watching ballet tapes and DVDs could teach one enough technique to be a star, as the main character did, my DD would have nothing to worry about right now, and I'm sure that most of our members' DKs would have no worries, either. That made my mouth drop open. One good thing about the movie was the message that rejection should not make one give up, but it is part of the dance world. However, implying that a person can be a self-taught dancer and "make it" because of "fire" is a disservice. Ethan Stiefel's variation was the best part of the movie.

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Wow what a dissappointment! Kate's feet drove me nutso the whole time and Tommy's shoulders were so high and he didn't stretch his feet! If it weren't for the dancing of Cooper and Suzanne the whole thing would be a waste

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DD and I were disappointed.


She noticed that in the first movie the school is the "American Ballet Company" and in this movie it was the "American Ballet Academy".


She also thought that it took a lot away from students like her and countless others who dance 7 days a week to see and hear someone say that they learned to dance by watching videos and mimicking. It takes SO much more than that. I'm sure it didn't make dance teachers watching feel any better either.

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Yes (for whoever said it) another hip hop flavored movie. However, the hip hop in this one wasn't even great. So Hip hop folks won't like it either.

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She noticed that in the first movie the school is the "American Ballet Company" and in this movie it was the "American Ballet Academy".


While it sounds like the movie doesn't have many merits at all, I think they got this right. In the first movie the school was the American Ballet Academy (Maureen has a line where she says "I'm the best dar* dancer at the American Ballet Academy, who the hell are you" (not sure if the * is an n or an m) the ABA feeds into the ABC.


Looks like Sarah Jayne Jensen does have a strong ballet background. Her mother owned a dance studio, and her sister won a prize at Varna:

Wait- the actress is Whitney Jensen's sister? I'd pay to see Whitney dance!

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I will admit, when the first movie came out, I was still a teenager and saw it in the theatre at least 3 times. I own the DVD and still watch it every now and then. I was intrigued by the second one and I have to say that it's movies like this (the second one) that give ballet such a bad name- it's no wonder that in this country it is so under-appreciated by the general populace. Doing what you see on videos...isn't that the problem we have now with kids searching and putting stuff up on Youtube that they shouldn't be?!?!?


Another thought....if you make a movie about Motocross, you would hire people who can ride motorcycles and know how to do it. If you make a movie about ice skating, skateboarding, deep sea fishing, etc., you would hire people who are knowledgeable and have a background in such things. Why not this?

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