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Movies: Center Stage 2

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I absolutely hated it from start to..........I couldn't even finish watching the entire movie!

Horribly done. And such a shame because it could have been so much better.

Terrible waste.

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Just have to say...I'm a little concerned for the little sister. Not only was she put on pointe by her older sister who hasn't had a ballet teacher herself since the age of twelve, she took the bus by herself from Detroit to New York, and the father never shows up to look for her...thank goodness it's all fiction.

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snow, I totally agree with you! I had forgotten all about the younger sister being put on pointe by her self-taught big sister, travelling on a bus from Detroit, etc. However, I did find the younger sister very endearing; I enjoyed watching her (misguided) admiration of her older sister. I agree with snow that this movie is best viewed as a what-not-to-do movie.

Oops, sorry! I agree with Russina, who stated that it is a good example of what not to do.

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I didn't like the second one as much because it was another one of those ballet/hip hoppy movies. The story wasn't as good nor were the dancers... except Ethan Steifel :)

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The part of the movie where Mr. Steifel was 'in the club' was a tad odd. Considering his age and current status, I wonder if there was a conflict between the role of teacher (and therefore a role model and hopefully mentor as well) and the potential on screen 'date' with a hopeful academy student. Perhaps I have not worded that well, and of course, movies have no obligation whatsoever to deliver completely moral tales to the audience.


As an added slap, the technique, or lack thereof, was insulting to serious ballet students everywhere.

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I totally LOVED the audition where Kate's arms were hideous and her core was NON-EXISTANT!

and her feet!



I doubt that it was the aim of the producers to be realistic, but I think it would be more offensive if a self taught dancer had good technique.


(Not having seen the movie, I’m assuming Kate is the self-taught dancer)

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While I don't recommend wasting your time watching it caliope, there were a host of things that were offensive and lacked even the slightest bit of reality.

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Yes, Jewel there were dance doubles even for people with dance credentials. (sorry if I'm a bubble burster :devil: )


Well yeah you were, but I am a believer in suspension of disbelief...Oh that came out wrong but you know what I mean. I don't go looking for inaccuracies, anachronisms and such. Actually I thought the original was a made for TV movie that used dancers that could act a little mixed with a few known actors.

Who knew. I missed the news that the new one was coming on and missed it so thanks for the bad report. I'll skip looking for repeats now.

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I dunno, it's worth watching at least once.


The general consensus in my ballet class tonight (teens plus me) is "Ick! It was awful!" This from teens is definitely a last word on the quality of the movie.

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I hope this movie doesn't turn out like Save the Last Dance 2. I just don't like when ballet movies turn out hiphoppy! The only thing is, I don't have oxygen channel! So I have to wait till it comes out on DVD or something! :)

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