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Movies: Center Stage 2

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It the US, it will be released 20 January, 2009. Amazon will have it! Check Amazon UK around that date, maybe.

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Oh dear...DD warned, no begged, me not to watch! I have to say, it is quite possibly the worst dance movie since Staying Alive....the forgettable sequel to Saturday Night Fever. :wink:

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I was looking forward to this movie so much. To bad all that excitement went to waste. The plot and script was horrible. But, the dancing was even worse. With it's absolutely horendous technique it almost served as a comedy.

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It was quite bad- all of it. No redeeming qualities. Except Ethan Steifel......

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Well, you should always use your own judgement. I would recommend that you not have to pay to see it though.

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As much as I do LOVE Ethan Steifel... *sigh* I wonder why he chose to be a part of this project. It promotes bad technique, self taught ballet and pointework *eek!*, and too young girls en pointe... was the money that good? I would love to sit down with him and talk about what he thought of this movie...


I mean, if only just to sit down next to him! *swoon* :)

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I understand completely, jakijo!!!! :)

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there's a good interview with Odessa Munroe, the choreographer of Center Stage 2 on www.balletconnections.com in their ballet interviews section. She's a dancer/actress/choreographer who you may never have heard of but she's been in quite a few movies and does a lot of film choreography.

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Are you affiliated with danceconnections, greb?

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