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I have been having a really hard time with my arebesque!!!! i have the flexibility to get my leg really high, but i dont have the strength. my teachers have given me exercises to do to help, but they dont really seem to help.

do you have any advice???

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Welcome lilygirl17 to Ballet Talk for Dancers. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum. It is always very nice to know a bit about our new members. :yes:


Your specific and important question could be answered in a more specific way if we had information regarding how long you have been studying ballet and how often (number of hours and days a week is enough information). Arabesque, as in many things in ballet takes time, patience and a lot of practice. :yes:


Also please look around a bit to see all that BT4D has to offer. You might like to use the Search button to read previous information on the movement arabesque. There are a slew of exercises in many previous inquiries.


Looking forward to learning more about you and your interests in ballet.

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One easy way to remember how to spell "arabesque" if you want to search for it is that the term actually refers to a spiral-shaped decorative design found in Arabic art, so it is literally "Arab-esque".

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