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Television: San Francisco Ballet's The Nutcracker

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Dance in America Premieres San Francisco Ballet's Nutcracker on Great Performances on PBS. Hosted by Kristi Yamaguchi on Wednesday, December 17th. Check your local listings...

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Thank you!! I'll have to set mine too!!!

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Thanks, oliveoil34! In my area, we get to see Carolina Ballet's Cinderella immediately before it! A double feature - YAY!

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Enjoy the link. Dance in America has been shown on PBS since the mid 1970s. A fabulous program. :unsure::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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The young Clara is being performed by the daughter of BT4D's poster. Please pm to let me know if I can reveal your screenname??? :lol:

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This was a beautiful Nutcracker to watch. The costuming and the dancing were absolutely superb! Thanks for the info that it was coming on.


Congrats to our member who's DD was Clara. We have another former member who danced corp, not sure in what as the credits rolled so fast.

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FYI----My DVD arrived a couple of days ago and I gave it to my daughter as an early Christimas present. I ordered it from Amazon (click the link on top of Ballet Talk!)

and it was only $22.49. Since I ordered something else as well the shipping was free and

it arrived in 3 days.

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