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Confession. I'm at the shoes again


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cafepress.com I think is the link to the site. LOADS of nifty t-shirts. Go to the site and type in "ballet" into the search window and it'll come up with all sorts of ballet and dance t-shirts.


I got my ballet teacher one that had a small algorithm on it:




+ pain




Suck it up!" (referring to pointe work).


Another one I saw that I'd love to get her is "NO! Your OTHER right foot!"




To put this back on track, I just sent off all my measurements to Gaynor Minden to see what size they recommend. I suspect it won't be too far off my current one, but I have weird feet - my arch actually spreads out beyond my metatarsal when I am flat on the ground (not that it affects pointe work). It looks like I have what's called a "compressible foot" according to the site, which is something Ms. DeVor mentioned, regarding my heel. The whole foot appears to change size when ON pointe vs. when flat.



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Thank you for the link! Good luck on your GM's. If you do have flat feet, they might help. I found it to be helpful to use a shank that makes my feet work (go one level lighter than you think you need), but I also found the box to be too square for my semi-tapered feet - for this the box liners are helpful.

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The shoes have been here fr 2 weeks or so. The fit kits and sock liners are in too now.

The fit kits make the little toe side of the shoe look fine, but the sock liners just make that "regular heel" even lower.


They are going back.


It turns out thankfully, that I can exchange them and get the regular vamp, high heel combo. With the accessories, they should be pretty good. I just have to decide for sure if I want the same hard shank I am sending back or the extra-flex.

I am thinking extra flex. They conform to my arch better and look nicer. The bend in the hard ones is up too high.


I tried to go with that old rule about heavier people needing stronger shanks, but I think I should fight the urge this time since I have a chance to reconsider. Heidi said I needed a softer shank if I was in a regular shoe last summer at camp too.


I think this is it!


Hey Robyn: If you want a chance to try the lower heel, you can give them a call for the 12.5's after a week or so....if you are not in a softer shank yourself.


I'll be happy not to worry about popping a shank.

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