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Hi everybody,


I want to attend a residency school next year and I am having a little trouble convincing my parents. They say I am not responsible enough and they don't think that I really want to be a dancer and this is just a phase, but I am really serious about trying. But I just think they don't want to lose their daugther. Could anybody offer me any advise on convincing them.

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ccdancer4life going to a residency is a family decision. Now you can set goals for yourself. You already know two areas of concern for your parents that you are able to work on in order to get that much closer to perhaps their allowing you to audition for a residency program. Make a list of things that demonstrate your acceptance of responsibility and achieve the list. :blushing: Move forward with determination and a positive attitude. These are things that will serve you well, when it is time for you to leave the comforts of your family home. :yes:


Speak with your parents about why they think you are not as serious as you say about a career in ballet. They may be seeing things that you are not. Do you go to class daily, yes, even when you do not feel like going? Are you excited about learning and achieving in every class you take, with every teacher?


Know that your parents want what is best for you. Residency programs are not for all students of ballet. It does take great maturity and a sense of responsibility to succeed without that extra special parent daily involvement. :green:

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I hope you can convince your parents to let you go to the school. Also, are you taught in academics, and if so, are the academics good? Again, if so, tell them that it would be well worth the time effort and money spent on education. If not for your ballet education, but for your academic education, if that makes sense! Good luck in trying to convince them! I tried to get my parents to let me go to a boarding school but it was too expensive!

All the best,

Tamara Watts

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