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Inner thighs


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I think I have a lean, strong body. However, I notice that there's nothing that's working my inner thighs, and they are a bit jiggly. Not fat, I am very thin; it's just that my outer thighs are quite developed due to developpes, etc. which leaves my inner thighs in the dark so they are not toned. So is there anything I can do to strenghten my inner thighs?

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Your inner thighs are part of the "rotation equation", and if they're not being worked, then you may need to re-evaluate your turnout!


Make sure you understand Alignment, and can engage the necessary muscles. Once you've checked your alignment, then we can talk about some other exercises. :lol:

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Oh my goodness! Good thing I've been working on my alignment :lol:


These past new months with my new ballet teacher has really done wonders for me. He has corrected my posture in so many ways I do not know where to begin. Something he would say a lot to me was "Keep shoulders and hips square," "shoulders over hips," "legs under torso," "ribcage in (because i tend to adduct my scapula, pushing my ribcage up)." I have gotten so many corrections about my posture and now I finally feel I have achieved it. I also noticed about the weight placement in the alignment article- I used to keep my weight to far back. Now I constantly make sure I keep my weight "over the standing leg." So I am very aware of my alignment, because it's quite easy for me to lose it if I'm doing an exercise w/o thinking about it.

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Ok, very good!!


Now, for this inner thigh exercise, you will need a friend. She will stand facing you, you will sit on the floor in front of her facing her.


She will stand approximately in second position, and will hold your hands.


You position yourself so that you can place your calves (legs are of course, turned out!) on the outside of her legs at about her calf height with your legs straight. Now, you take her hands and lean back, pull your belly button back to your spine, and squeeze in on her legs trying to make her close her feet (but she won't let you!) for a count of 30.


Release, and try again. You will then understand why this exercise is called, "Major Chords" :angry::thumbsup:

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