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How do you dance with a cape


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I recently was cast as a fairy. The steps are relatively easy but I am having trouble with a particular section that involves dancing with a cape. In this section I have a solo where I present a magic cape to the fairy queen. It is not more than thirty seconds long and from what I can gather I am supposed to do all the arm moments as normal except holding onto a cape with both hands.


The problem is that the cape is two yards long and one yard wide and made of a heavy fabric. I am 5'7'' and (medium build). So far I have got the thing tangled in my legs, fallen because the momentum unbalanced me, and gotten hit full in the face. No matter what I do it seems to trap me.


The teacher is not particularly helpful. She says that "I'll get used to it". Well perhaps I will but if there is anything you could recommend I would be very grateful.


(Edited to modify a specific weight number - Mel Johnson)

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! :lol:


That's a real problem. A cloak or cape should be made of a lighter material if you're to do technical dancing in it and not just mime. Since you're supposed to hold on the the drape as you dance, try to hold it farther down on the material so it gets hitched up a bit and somewhat higher than your knees at least,so it doesn't tangle up.

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Ask for extra practice time with the cape, and play with it- a lot! Practice how to toss both sides behind you for some movements, and how to grasp and quickly slide your hands to the best place for other movements. Allow it to become a part of the character, and you'll do well!!! Merde!!

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And remember, since the cape is so long, there may be times in the choreography where you can drape the tails (both sides) over one arm and dance with it that way. You see that somewhat often in portrait paintings and statuary. It could work for this challenge.

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