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Photos: Balanchine's original dewdrop?

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Our director would like to go in this direction for next year, but I've never seen it. Does anyone know where I can find a photo for inspiration?

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angiered--I'm going to assume you mean dewdrop since your title cut off and says dewd? Just having that little bit of information in the thread might get an answer for you.

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Tanaquil LeClercq:

2nd photo

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In case they didn't mean the original, each dancer is allowed to help make design small changes to the original while still keeping the same flavor to the costume allowing for the costume to flatter each individual dancer. Thus the variations on a theme you've seen on this one over the years.

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The present-day bodice is very similar to the one in the 1954 production. The skirt just became shorter and more puffy.

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After seeing the photo above, the present-day costume they use very similar. Check out a dvd of "Balanchine's Nutcracker" (1994, I believe) for all sorts of angles and close-ups of Kyra Nichols (*swoon*...) dominating Dewdrop variation in said costume.

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And when Suzanne Farrell used to dance it, she had the same bodice with a sort of trailing nightgowny chiffon skirt. I've also seen it with a sort of little frilly panties which reminded me of Victor Borge's description of an opera: "And now the chorus comes out and the lights go down so that you can't tell that they're dressed in their underwear...."

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Thanks everyone! Sorry for the late replay. We're under 18 inches of snow and my internet was down.

I am looking for Dewdrop. She would like to get away from the classical pancake tutu and back to something much softer.

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Our Dewdrop wears a costume we fondly call "Peter Pan". It is green and the skirt part is cut like leaves from a sheer fabric and overlayed to make the skirt. It is one shoulder and decorated with flowers that match our flower costumes. It is very "fairy" like and our Dew usually is a very sparkly dancer, so it fits the style and the variation very well. We went to a tutu for a year and then went back to the old one we liked it so much. Sorry, I could not find a good picture of it but if you need one for next let me know and I can take one and post it.

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I will get a picture next week when I go into storage to return more costumes that I finally got around to cleaning and making ready to put away! MY older non-dancing sons came home to tutus in their bedrooms! It is a lovely costume and I enjoy it, despite the fact that I am a huge fan of seeing a beatuiful tutu on a ballerina. We have used it over the years on all sorts of dancers with different heights and body shapes and it has always looked good.

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