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Movies: White Christmas - young girls en pointe?

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I just finished watching "White Christmas" again, and just noticed how young the girls are (at the very end of the movie) dancing en pointe. They are either very tiny or they are about 7 or 8? Granted they're just doing simple bouree, but still - isn't that awfully young? Oh - and remember this film was made in 1954. :)

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Is "White Christmas" the movie with the "sisters" song in it? (You know, "Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters..."). If that's the one I'm thinking of, the girls at the end on pointe do seem incredibly young, even to be doing bourees.

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Blame Danny Kaye for that. He thought that teeny-tiny girls on pointe were "cute". While doing his TV variety show, Laurie Ichino, who was a guest, her sister Nancy (Yoko), and their mother finally laid down the law to him.

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Wow Mel - that's fascinating - you are an absolute font of dance trivia! So maybe you know this one? Whatever happened to the boy who played Ethan in Turning Point? It was his only film and nothing comes up on him on Google whatever I try. I'd really like to know if he actually became a dancer - he was obviously in training.......

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That was Philip Saunders, and I believe that he went on to legitimate theater (what, ballet is illegitimate, what?) under another name, but I'm not sure.

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Wow Major Mel! Is there anything you dont know?


(I suppose the answer to that is, I dont know).



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Don't know bugger-all about math. Even long division sends me scrambling for a calculator!

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That's so funny that someone brought up this topic!My DD's and I were just talking about that scene in the movie today! The tan tights, the knee flexion and the questionable port de bras were very interesting!

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Is "White Christmas" the movie with the "sisters" song in it? (You know, "Sisters, sisters, never were there such devoted sisters...").
Yes, this is the movie with that song in it. I love that part of the movie where Danny Kaye and Bing Crosby sing this song.


Thank you Major Mel for your fount of knowledge!

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Kaye's fondness for "little ballerinas" probably went back to his vaudeville days, when "Little Pavlovas" were a frequent kid act on the bill. I've even seen a picture of Frederick Austerlitz, aged 6 (make that "Fred Astaire") playing Peter Pan on pointe!!!

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Seriously, guys.....there really isn't anything Major Mel doesn't know. I work with him, have had the pleasure of his company in my car, to and fro shows......and he is a walking breathing encyclopedia!



Happy Holidays!


Lisa Anne

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One is truly blessed when he has friends like Lisa Anne and her good husband.


And in that spirit, and that of the season, I pass whatever meager personal blessings I have to all of you.


May you have much joy. :ermm:

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