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Well I'm 13 years old and in 7th grade. Right now I go to a rather recreational ballet school, and I've recently decided that I want to have a career in dance. At 13 I'm in the highest level and one of the best dancers too, out of all the other high schoolstudents. I have been in this level since age 11. Also, only 3technique classes a week are offered, and EVERYONE goes en pointe at 10. 'nuff said?


But anyway, that's not the point(e) :lol: I recently started a topic about the Greenwich Ballet Academy in the Pre-Proffessional forum. I'm still very interested and would like to attend. Besides the audition, which I admit I'm a little worried about, here's the problem:

Greenwich is about 40 minutes away from where I live, and while I realize that it is normal for serious students to drive that far for training, I'm afraid my parents will think it's too far. During the week, I'm the oldest out of four children and I live with my single dad. Two of my siblings are under 10 and the other one is only 11. I don't want to put any more pressure on him than he's already under, with getting all my siblings to their activities also. I could take the train every day, but I don't know how um, open either of my parents would be to that. He knows that I want to swith studios, but he said it might be hard to get to a further-away one during the week. Weekend aren't much easier- there I'm one of NINE kids, but at least some are older. I would really like to go to a residence program, because as you can see my situation isn't the easiest, but what concerns me is my lack of training to get into one of these programs. I'm not blaming my siblings at all, I love them and want the best for all of them. :firedevil:


This was probably very confusing, but any advice would be greatly appreciated. :(

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Caroline, this is a problem that is not too unusual, but every family will have to work it out according to their own circumstances. I would have a serious talk with your father about the possibility of getting to Greenwich for at least one year. In that year, perhaps you can progress enough to be ready to audition for a residence program. He might be open to that idea, since there are the younger children to care for.


Another idea would be to try and find out if there is another student from your town who goes to Greenwich. Perhaps car pool could be arranged, or, if she takes the train maybe you could go with her.


Do as much of the ground work as you can in terms of finding out the possibilities. I think that you should also audition there and be sure that you are accepted, and then get placed and scheduled, so that your parents would know exactly what they will be dealing with in terms of getting you there. They do need to understand that if you have the talent and the physical facility, along with your passion, that it is definitely going to take getting away from the school you now attend and getting to a pre-pro school.


Good luck!

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Thanks for the quick advice, Miss Leigh!


For the audition, I recently called the school about this, and the woman said they are looking to see if the school is a good match for the dancer, and of couse if the student has potential etc. I know that you have to set up an appointment though- which I won't be able to do without my dad's help. After my chat with one of the people that works there I have a FAIRLY good idea of which level I MIGHT be in. I will look into the carpooling idea, and research more possibilities. Attending Greenwich for a year and then trying to go to a residence school sound like a good plan- I've been progressing a lot with only 3 technique classes a week, so who know where I'll be if I do four or five or six!


I'll be sure to talk with my dad soon. I need to gather all my research first. It will be hard to leave my studio if I hopefully end up switching, but I think I'll benefit from GBA a lot more.

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