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December Whine


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Perhaps we're all in the holiday spirit, since the month is over half over and I'm the first to whine!


Hope it's okay that I just list my complaints because I'm too tired and grouchy to put them in eloquent sentences:


-I'm doing Nutcracker 1.5 hours away from where I live so am staying in a hotel. No one else in the performance is staying here (they're all staying with families of other dancers) so it's boring and lonely.


-Thanks to the snow in the northeast, my husband was supposed to come to the performance tonight and couldn't make it. He called and said he'd been on the road for an hour and was only 15 miles from home. At this rate, he would have gotten to the theater about the time the show ended, so he turned around and went home. :firedevil:


-We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow, so I'm afraid I'll be stuck here another night.


-I got relocated to the kids dressing room instead of getting to change with the company women like I had been the past four days. (I think someone complained it was too crowded...I wasn't taking up that much room.)


-I have a cough that I can't shake.


-I miss my husband and cat and want to go home.


-And, the best part of the day...while wheeling Mother Ginger onstage today, her huge skirt frame ran over my toes. :( Good thing I don't actually have a dancing role.


Okay, I think those are all my complaints for now. Thanks for listening. :lol:

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