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Television: How it's Made- Pointe Shoes

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We were just relaxing a bit after tonight's performance of Nut (9 of 10, it'll all be over tomorrow) when DD flipped on the Discovery Channel. They were showing how pointe shoes are made (Angelo Luzio's). It was very cool to watch them paste the box, flatten the platform, pleat the satin, etc. Seemed like a great ending to a terrific day!

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It's the show, "HowStuffWorks". They feature random things on each show, like baseball bats and pointe shoes.

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It was probably on "How It's Made" (or a very similar title). The show has vignettes on various items showing how the items are made. There are usually several items per show, so the segments are only a few minutes long. The shows repeat often.


I saw the one that included pointe shoes over a year ago and 'Tivo-d' it. But, alas. all was lost when we changed recorders. It is a very interesting segment.

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I tried to find out when it would be on again but after going through the schedule up through the 31st, could not find it.


However, when I googled it I did find it on YouTube. Pretty interesting but shouldn't it have been called "pointe shoes" rather than "ballet slippers"?

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I scheduled that program to record each episode since reading about it here and so far, that pointe shoe episode has not repeated. Still waiting. Maybe my odds are improving now.

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I have been recording countless episodes of the show "How It's Made" ever since I saw it mentioned here. Someone had seen it on a day when they were showing the making of Pointe shoes. I was hoping to catch a re-run but it has been 3 months now and I am beginning to see familiar subjects come up as I delete recorded episodes.

I think they may have cycled all the way through their topics.

Maybe I have my show or network wrong?


Anybody see it and remember what else they were talking about in that episode? I can keep checking.


I am recording on 2 different channels and I think I am catching all the showings with the DVR. I get about 4 a day during the week.

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Check out discovery.com, you should be able to get info on which episode features how pointe shoes are made. I do remember watching the episode once, however they just called them ballet slippers and the guide on my TV did the same.

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You're not crazy. I saw that episode too, and I have it Tivo'd. I'll see if I can pull up the info for you when I get home. :yes:

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The only thing one needs to keep in mind is that the piece was filmed at Angelo Luzios, so that is the way they make pointe shoes; it is not necessarily the same way that other pointe shoe manufacturers make them. :thumbsup:

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Oh yes, I've seen that episode by accident one and a half times. I think it was from a few years ago (2005?) but they seem to replay it often enough. It is definitely a Discovery Channel program but I think it appears on the Science Channel. It was Season 5, episode 54, if that helps any in your searches. How It's Made has a schedule of episodes up to April 13 and I didn't see it between now and then.

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My DVR tells me it was episode 59, which first aired on September 13, 2005. The other segments are on wood burning stoves, buses, and orthoses. The info on orthoses was very interesting too. Hope this helps your search! :thumbsup:

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