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Broken Foot and Can't Dance

Channing Dasher

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I broke my foot in the beginning of November, and I have a performance on Jan. 16. At first, the doc said I could dance in it, but the last appointment I went to, he said I couldn't. I started crying, and now I'm depressed. I have never been unable to do a performance... :P I also am scared that when I return to dance, I won't be in good shape and my ankles will be weak... I'm so depressed.... Is there any way I could help heal my foot any faster, or dance without really dancing?

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Hello, Channing, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :lol:


Unfortunately, the answer to your question is no. :P


You heal at the speed you heal, and nothing will change that. Follow your doctor's orders, and you will return to class well and strong enough to regain whatever you have lost in the hiatus. And believe me, you will be surprised at how quickly you rebound, IF you follow doctor's orders!


Do you feel depressed? Talk to the doc about that, too!

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My good friend had basically the same problem. The only "silver lining" I think will really help you is that when you come back you can really be inspired and work very hard in class, like try your absolute best. Also now you will have time(becuase of no classes) to stretch. You can try to do like splits/straddles and stuff that doesn't involve your feet. Maybe if you have a cast this could be hard... but you can experiment and see. I wish you the best of luck! :P

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Nette, I have already responded once to a post you made today, asking you to please not give advice. I believe that there was another post very recently where it was mentioned (by me) that splits and straddles are not to be done before class, which would mean when not warmed up. I know you mean very well, but please do not give advice on these forums.

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I am sorry Ms. Leigh. I don't quite understand how this works. When do am I not supposed to respond or answer the posters question? Nothing I say is perfect, just suggestions. Is there a special board to ask questions to fellow members? I am sorry I have been replying to the wrong things :wink:


EDIT:I just read the answer and will just share stories and not advice. Thanks for the patience with me not knowing what to do!!!

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It's okay, nette. I'm glad you understand now. After you have been here a bit longer and have more posts you will become a Member, instead of a New Member. You will see that under your name on your posts. When that happens you may post and ask us to admit you to the Buddy Board. That is where you will be able to talk to other teens. :wink:

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