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Entrechat - where exactly I am beating at


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Having problem with Enchatre ...

actually, I can do it when I start from grand plie in second position,

however, if I start for a fifth, I can't really get it.... ..



actually, where exactly my legs are beating at each other ?

is it the thigh or the legs?


thanks a lot.

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It's really the inner thighs that create the beat in an entrechat so that would be the part of your legs that would join, although depending on your physique other parts of your leg will probably touch too.


Make sure you use both legs to create the beat, don't be tempted to just use one leg, they both move out and in. It's a tricky step so don't worry if you don't get it straight away. Exercises to strengthen your inner thighs will help.


One exercise I do with my students is have them lie on their backs, legs straight up in the air in front of them (vertical) and turned out in 5th position. They then basically beat their legs like that as quickly as they can making sure they get the sideways action.

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To keep the turnout, one summer session our teacher made us wear our sneakers to do entrechat quatre, so that we would HAVE to turnout the legs and feet (otherwise, the sneakers would hit each other). Worked a treat for getting us to be cleaner!

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