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Ive been off from dance for 2 weeks and I feel I lost flexibility and I have an SAB audition on January 9th. I dont have class until the 5th and i have to miss a class that week. what should I do to get ready for the audition???

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If there are no classes this next week, anywhere, then you will need to do a barre at home. You can also do Pilates, if you have been trained in that, or go to a Fitness Center and take some Pilates classes. It would be best not to miss a class during that 5 days before the audition. Do keep in mind, though, that everyone has been on break for two weeks, so, you will not be alone. And it is doubtful that you will lose very much in that length of time. But you will feel better when you start back in classes if you do your barre at home all this next week. :yes:

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I will do barre at home.. but I cant do pilates because im too young they wont let me take it =( im 13 and they say you must be 16 to take the class. Would you suggest taking pilates from a dvd?

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No, just stick with your barre work. Pilates needs to be taught one on one, not with a DVD.

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