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I don't know if I have a low or high arch


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I have been doing ballet for 4 yrs now and I am embarassed to say that I don't know whether I have a low or high arch. Apparently this'll help in finding the best pointe shoes for me. Please help!

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Yes, it may, but not perhaps to the extent that you think it will.


First important question: Have you been approved for pointe shoes by your teacher?


Second important question: Have you had your first fitting yet?

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You can tell about your arch and your instep just by looking at your foot when pointed. Look at photos of professional dancers, or videos of major ballet companies and see what their feet look like. Do yours look like that? It says on your other thread that you are on pointe, so, study your foot in pointe shoes, standing on pointe. :yes:

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OK, I'll throw caution to the wind and assume that means that you've also had a professional fitting.


Third important question: You DO realize that the arch is on the bottom of the foot and the instep is on the top?

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Miss DeVor explains the arch height something like this:


If you were walking on wet sand, you'd leave footprints behind. If the footprint is only the shape of your toes and heels, with dry space in between them, then you have a high arch.


If there is a sliver of wet sand connecting the toe and heel print, then you may have a medium arch.


If there is a solid wet footprint with no dry space at all between the toe and heel print, then you have a low arch.


I'm paraphrasing Miss DeVor here, but you should get the idea. :devil:


The instep is above your arch. The area that some ballet schools look to that they are calling the instep is actually comprised of bone matter- something that none of us can control. That is why we as teachers recommend that you really work on articulating your ankles and learning how to properly use your feet to the best of their ability. :)

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That is MR. Johnson, if you please, and you would be horrified to learn of all the people who don't know that. It would be worse if you found out who they were! (We'll never tell! :devil: )


Anyway, Ms. Leigh's and Clara 76's advice above is right on the money!

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I second Mr. Johnson's comment, just now. I know my arch is the bend on the bottom of my foot, BUT, I didn't know better to call the top part 'instep'. In my mind, I also referred (note, the past tense) to it as arch, making mental note of its top location. So now, I have the proper term for both parts of my foot! You just never know what new information you'll learn.

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Go ahead, jakijo!

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