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MANY thanks to anyone who can help :)


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Hope I posted this in the right place :)

Now I need to some suggestions and or advice for this. lmao.


I started dance when i was 4 and kept it going until i was 13, where i had to stop for some medical stuff (long story) now that I'm better, I wanted to go back to doing what I loved but it's been exactly 5 years since then.

I was on Point for about a year and then I had to drop ballet. Now that I'm going back, I don't know whether I should start from where I left off or what.


thanks to anyone who can help :]

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, lauuXboricua.


I think it would probably be best to start with some pretty easy classes for a while. Five years is a long time, and there is a big difference from 13 to 18. A teen or adult beginning class, or Adv. Beginning might be a good place to start, just to see where you are and what you remember, and what your body remembers. :)


I moved your topic over here to YD 17-22, as it is about classes, not about Pointe Shoes. :)

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No problem! Just find the very best school that you can get to, and put yourself back in classes! :)

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